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Harden kneeled when it was most important – Durent wore warriors to victory

The Golden State Warriors basketball team beat the Houston Rockets in the first West Indies semi-final game with a score of 104: 100.

Luka NikolicSource: B92

Photo: Thearon W. Henderson / Getty Images

Photo: Thearon W. Henderson / Getty Images

The winners achieved victory after the dramatic conclusion and saved the home court advantage, at least for now.

The current champion fell greatly in the second quarter after the first, leaving halfway through the eighth.

James Harden was the main point of the game and did not justify the expectations he set for the base season. He came to the point of malt exclusively from the penalty area, while on the other hand was excellent Kevin Durent.

Judges were in the main plan in the third quarter. Lots of bad judges' decisions have influenced the fact that both team leaders and team bosses have been neglected in addition to the crowd, but in the last 12 minutes, the focus has been on basketball.

The last minute went with +5 for the host, but he immediately responded to Haden with the foul. In the next attack, however, Stef Kari hit the three and returned his team to five points.

Harden then remained unharmed and knocked at 103: 100, and the attack was on Golden State, with 22 seconds to end.

Roketsi had to steal the ball and just did it, causing trouble in the Oracle Arena. They were attacked, Harden took responsibility, but more focused on blackmail extortion than hitting the troika.

After the failure, the ball ended in the hands of Chris Paul, who tried to get out of the line for three points, but slipped off the line in this attempt. He welcomed the judge in surprise and made physical contact with him and received a technical mistake – and that was it.

The best player in the match was Durent with 35 points. Stef Kari was written in 18, and 14 was Drewmond Green and Andre Iguadala. One of them was Clay Thompson. It should be noted that Grin missed a single jump and helped triple dbl.

Harden scored 35 points, but hit nine of the 28 games, Erik Gordon scored 27 points with a much better 10/19, while Chris had 17 points. No one in the Houston team was double-digit.

The second game of the series is played again in Auckland on Wednesday at 4.30 am.

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