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How many kilometers you can drive after the fuel lamp comes on – Auto

Do you know how many kilometers you can go after lighting up the fuel tank on your vehicle that reminds you to re-ignite the fuel?

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It was thought that it was about fifty kilometers before the next fill, but it turned out to be real roulette.

The new Daily Mail study reveals which car models can go through the most miles "in reserve" and which at least.

Research on the UK portal Compare the market A sample of 1,000 Britons showed that more than a third of drivers believe they can cross another 20 miles or 32 kilometers.

The fact is, most cars can travel twice as many kilometers and some even four times. A sample survey of 96 of the most popular 29 different manufacturers on the market.

The backup light will burn when less than 10% of the total fuel tank size remains.

Research has used British metric miles per gallon and full tank capacity, but of course there are no rules that could always be the same, as factors such as traffic conditions, driver style or additional weight should be counted.

According to research Compare the market The car that can pass the most miles in the reserve is Folksfagen Pasat, it is about 120 kilometers to complete the stop.

The Volvo V40 and the Ford Mondeo can also go for a long time to another petrol station in reserve, more accurately – 112 kilometers. On the other hand, the online BMW M3 has the lowest reach in reserve – 51 kilometers.

Interestingly, many urban superchargers with small engines like the Kylie Picanto, the Fiat 500, the Mini, the Citroen C1, the Peugeot 108, the Nisana Juke and the Ford Fiesta are in the top 10 with a minimum reserve margin, which is not surprising because the tanks have small fuel. capacity.

Driving risk in reserve

Frequent driving in reserve can cause serious mechanical faults, such as fuel pump failure. The change is not generally trivial, so it is best to avoid it and in Germany, driving on the road is even punishable.

Favorite models with the highest reach in reserve

1. Foxwagon Pasat: 120km

2. Volvo V40 112 km

3. Ford Mondeo: 112 km

4. BMW 5 Series: 109 km

5. Toyota Prius: 107 km

6. Mercedes E-Class: 102 km

7. Audi Q5: 102 km

8. Range Rover Sport: 101 km

9. Mazda 6: 101 km

10. Audi A6: 99 km

Source: Compare the market

Popular models with the lowest reach to reserve

1. BMW M3: 51km

2. Kia Picanto: 51 km

3. Fiat 500: 59 km

4. Mini Cooper: 61 km

5. Mitsubishi Pajero: 61 km

6. Jaguar XK: 61km

7. Citroen C1: 62 km

8. Peugeot 108: 62 km

9. Nissan Juke: 66km

10. Ford Fiesta: 66km

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