I-Es-Pi-En: Three of the stars in the team, Borjan, Savic and of course Pavov!

The well-known American media I-Es-Pi-En included three Red Star players in the ideal team of the fourth round of the Champions League

PHOTO: Printskrin

Except for a double shotgun Milana Pavková, in the selected 11 scoring the goalie Milan Borjan middle defender and captain Vujadin Savic.

Describes the party Milan Borjan, writes the US page:

"Canadian international was remarkable in the shocking victory of Red Star against Liverpool. In the second half he had a very good defense, but the most impressive of all was his confidence in the hits. On several occasions he moved to the edge of the penalty area. His party contributed to a great night in the capital of Serbia. "

Victory played an important role Vujadin Savić:

"Captain Red Star missed two weeks ago defeating 4: 0 in Enfield. But he returned on Tuesday night and grew up in a hero. Savic gave control and calmed down on the last line under great pressure. His inspiration was a key factor in the biggest surprise of this round in the Champions League. "

Special emphasis was placed on the phenomenal release Milan Pavková:

"How remarkable performance Pavkov, the second team striker who succeeded in Liverpool. In the first goal, Alisoni did not give a chance. Pavkov looks incredible, he made a few good moves and ended up with a counterattack. He is an incredible hero, celebrated with fans in the tribune after the game ends. "

Team Four, according to the Americans: Borjan (Red Star) – Kaderabek (Hoffenheim), Savić (Red Star), Bonući (Juventus), Manolas (Gypsies), Bernat (PSG) – Soler (Valencia), Vormer (K. Bruges), Mint (Manchester United) – Pavkov (Red Star), Buzzard (Tottenham).

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