Kikinda marked 100 years of liberation in the Great War

"This struggle for freedom will always remain in our historical memory, it is also an eternal reminder of how much man has strength and perseverance when leading a just fight. They did not ask how much the enemy's power was because they knew they could not be bigger than their love for freedom and homeland, "Gojkovic said.

She reminded us that it is a year of great anniversary, when we celebrate the great victory in the First World War and the attachment of Srem, Banat, Bac, Baranyi to the Serbian kingdom and pointed out that even tonight "we remember our famous ancestors in Kikinda."

"By celebrating these celebrations, we celebrate the freedom required before this city 100 years ago, a day when heroic and his merits, the immortal age of iron led by Colonel Dragutin Ristic, freedom and the realization of a long dream through Pancevo, Kovačik, Big Becker, today's Zrenjanin, Becej, brought to Kikinda, "Gojkovic said.

She said that the Kikinda population showed tremendous courage and determination and provided 1,700 volunteers at key moments for the future Kikinda.

"At the Grand National Assembly in New Sadu, where the historic and most important decision in the 20th century was related to the Kingdom of Serbia, this liberating city was represented by 16 delegates – parochists, merchants, professors, priests, all part of national persecution to reach hundreds of years long aspirations to enter, "Gojkovic said.

She reminded that in the First World War, Serbia lost 1,247,435 people, making it an unreasonably huge sacrifice of freedom, freedom of Europe and the world.

"Freedom in Kikinda came exactly a hundred years ago"

Igor Mirovich, Provincial Governor, said freedom in Kikinda came exactly a hundred years ago.

"With this anniversary, we remember many volunteers who gave the most valuable things they have, their lives," Mirovic told a ceremonial academy.

He added that in these areas the principles of freedom, equality and community were always important in these areas, adding: "Today we remember our ancestors and their endless work."

Pavle Markov, Mayor of Kikinda, also addressed the audience: "The Grand District of Kikinda is the first area where Serbs are not farmers but free citizens," reminding episodes of the city's glorious past.

The celebration of the 100th anniversary of liberation began yesterday evening with an exhibition of photographs and films from the archive of Yugoslavian cinema "Serbs and Serbia about the film in the First World War".

At the beginning, wreaths were laid on the Iron Cemetery and the Commander of the Serbian Army Dragutin Ristic discovered the commemorative plaque.

In the National Museum of Exhibition "In the New State – Velika Kikinda opened the year of war, association and definition 1914 – 1924" and Kikinda will see the movie "Sleeping for soldiers" tomorrow.

Propagation of the book by historian Srdjan Sivcev "Entry in 1918 in the Light of the Great Kikinda" is scheduled for Thursday, while the historical archive will open the exhibition "Oslobodjenje and the annex of the Great Kikinda in 1918" on Friday.

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