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MIKIJA HAPSE U "READ OUT"? Evo kako su Marija i Mljna Kulić nasamari pćelara iz Kupinova!

Miki Đuričić bi to mogao da will be sprinkled at "Zadruzi" zbog attack on Marija Kulić! The beekeeper of Kupinova is not at the night of the day, and soon after he married Miljan Kulić, polio njenu maju čimem tea, the cowboy has earned an irrepressible opekotine.

This is the beginning

After two incidents, two of them will be forced to resign and will address their lawyers to the police of Miroslav, who is already a freelancer of liberty, to accept physical attacks.
They have also been exposed to the police about their lives. He also provided medical documentation on Marijin's ophthalmology, which was produced for him by a physician. Prepustile su advokatu da prati ďalšie tok ovog slučaja i da u nich bude v kontakte s policijom – the production of blizak production.

Prema njegovim rečima, Đuričić bi zbog ovoga mogao da završi u zatvor.
He is the only one who is 2015. The year of the "Maldivi" on television Hepi brutalno pretukao Ivan Gavrilović on the slogan slobodi zbog nasilničkog ponašanja. The driver will be encouraged to take the turn of the round in the "Zadruz", which is the current slogan of the six months since it is a very serious task. Anyone who has been taken out of the "Zadruge" at the police station, and what kind of videos – says our sagovornik.

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Smislile ceo plan

Even Miljana herself said, after reprimanding at the megapopular riyal, she was screaming that Mikija da ponovi had gone over.
She was just pampering herself. Mama i ja smo will advise the lawyer at the police. This is the work of the soldier, and he shall do the same to his gospel. Shutters at the barrel. The sight of him can not be traced to the memory of the hell – is Kulićeva, koja is the name of the girl as Suzan Perović called the fuck and time isprovocirala Đuričića.


(VIDEO) HOW YOU GET TO TOBOM, DA BI MOGLA MENE YE IS * E! Miki PUKAO FROM BESA jer Suzana was invited to Miljan!

Saska Karan: Tog pork should be returned to the field


Sheik Karan, a jungle rival of "Kupinova", was also congratulated by the flood on Instagram. Two of the two sucked up at the "Zadruzi 1", and one of them survived the da ga and the runaway:
– Hey, she's drinking some tea on Marija. Do you think that you can kill and kill your pain? Da li iko norman can hold a maze from a hawk? He is painful, not shown, primitivan, jadan. It is necessary to return to the field, where the swine is the best.

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