Milojevic without Stojkovic, Caucić and Jovančić: archives Liverpool!

Red Star players turn to duties in Serbia Super League, second round of the league phase of the national championship moves and coach Vlado Milojevic before the match with Dinamo is most interested in the personal situation

PHOTO: FK Crvena zvezda

The Serbian champion from Vranje will visit Surdulici and the 16th round will take place on Saturday at 15:00.

We will go to the second part of the home championship. I'm not going to say anything new when I say that Dinamo is a summer team, regardless of the placement on the table. He will have several points in Vranje where we had a match in the Serbian Cup to find out how many people like this club. It is important that we have a good match before the break. I want audiences to come as much as possible and support us in Surdulice. I think we will have all the conditions for the show and a good match he said Miloevich.

The coach of the star has a lot of problems in selecting players for the match with Dinamo.

We have a lot of personal problems, I get information with problems from minute to minute. Certainly not Filip Stojković, Goran Caušić and Dušan Jovančić. For some injuries, I'm still waiting for a confirmation to see how serious it is because there are some dilemmas about whether these players could bring the game. But we will know more only after today's training.

Miloevich again looked at the historic victory in the Champions League and why it is important that at these times he was forgotten to triumph against Liverpool.

– We do not have much time to think, it's soccer. We played the Champions League game and now we have to watch the Superleague. I want to see the reaction of my players because it gets better and better, it gives you a supply for the future. I do not like a good result immediately after falling into the water, you must confirm and believe that my players are real and that they will be best against Dinamo. The Liverpool match has not been so long, but it has already been archived and now we are only thinking of Dinamo. It is known that our priority is a priority of all priorities and we know what to do – he closed Miloevich.

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