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Mohamed Jusuf is a Red Star player

Mohamed Jusuf is a Red Star player

Attack of the French mate Ajji Mohamed Jusuf is a Red Star player. In an interview with Sport Journal, his former teammates from Vienna said Mohamed el Fardu Ben.

He is an experienced representative of the Comoros who, like Delia's favorite, played in Greece for several years, wore Ergotelis, Veria and Levadiakos.
Mohamed Yusuf would like to see in the Red Star. We know everyone alive, we grew up together, we played at the Academy of Fame. For me, he is like a brother“He says Ben for Журнал.

Jusf has similar game features as well Ben, fast and manageable with the ball in front of the opponent's goal. Does it have features that Red Star plays in European competitions next season?
We played together in Vano, we were a good tandem. I know he could help the star achieve it All what he wants"he adds Ben.

The championship title is on hand and a new attack on Europe is coming soon. Target Mohamed el Fardua Ben about the task Miloš Degenek last summer in Salzburg he made a red and white so desirable location in the Champions League. Can something like that happen again?
Of course I would like to introduce the Red Star Champions League again. That would be great for everyone, fans, me. It is important that the club is at the level of the elite UEFA competition every year. I'm going to celebrate the celebrationhe said among other things Ben.


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