Napoli survives diving in Genoa (VIDEO)

Napoli survives diving in Genoa (VIDEO)

For four minutes, Genoa managed to feel fits with the favored Napoleon, but the miracle on Marassi did not happen tonight. In the water pole conditions, due to which the main referee due to heavy rains even for several minutes interrupted the match in the middle of the second part, the Napolitans managed to make a turn and glory with 2: 1 to keep up with the Juventus manager.

Interestingly, the turn came after a break that the guests left with an advantage of 1: 0 and thanks to a big strike with the head of a young striker from Cote d'Ivoire Kuamea in the 20th minute. Brazil won a great win Romulo, and the dark striker coincided Sleep to the joy of the local audience.

Genoa broke out as much as possible. He also accused the first golgeter Pjontek who has already shaken his net for five matches, while Napoli has long been looking for a winning combination for a goalie lock Radua. Only after a break caused by atmospheric collisions the guests turned and four minutes after the second match Fabian Ruiz is a great heel Mertens the score was 62 minutes.

It was difficult to play this game and to control the ball, at one point the match was on the verge of regularity, watching the ball stop in the bars and difficult to control. Good try Mertens and defending goalkeeper Jane's in the 68's suggested that the guests did not match the point.

Eventually, they were rewarded for resistance with the winning result, which fell 86 minutes on the left left center and defensive defender Biraskija who was the goal keeper for the final 2: 1.

Good result for Napolitance i Karla Ancelotti, but also a warning that no serious opponent should be mistaken as tonight. Darko Lazovic he played all 90 minutes for the guests without any noticeable performance.

ITALY 1 – 12th round


Frosinone – Fjordentina 1: 1 (0: 0)
/ Pinamonti 89 – Benasi 47 /


Turin – Parma 1: 2 (1: 2)
/ Basel 37 – Žervinjo 9, Inglese 25 /

SPAL – Cagliari 2: 2 (1-0)
/ Petanja 3, Antenući 71 – Pavoleti 73, Jonita 76 /

Genoa – Naples 1: 2 (1: 0)
/ Kuame 20 – Ruiz 62, Biraski 86. Own goal /

12.30: (3.05) Atalanta (3.35) Inter (2.35)
15.00: (1.45) Roma (4.40) Sampdoria (7.25)
15.00: (2.95) Chievo (3.05) Bologna (2.55)
15.00: (2.25) Empoli (3.20) Udinese (3.35)
18.00: (3.90) Sassuolo (3.50) Lazio (1.95)
20.30: (5.20) Milan (3.70) Juventus (1.70)

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