Online policy – Defense: Seized industrial cannabis, not cannabis

Zora Dobricanin Nikodinovic, lawyer Predrag Koluvija and Vladan Zivojinovic, who are accused of participating in cannabis production with eight other defendants on the farm “Jovanjica”, and yesterday, during her introductory speech, questioned the prosecution of the prosecutor’s office for organized crime. She claimed that 1.6 tons of cannabis was not found on the plantation, but industrial cannabis.

She “spent” most of her presentation explaining that most of the facts with which the prosecutor’s office, as she said, wanted to prove the guilt of the defendants, were not collected in a legal way. It challenged the order to inspect the ‘Jovanjica’ restaurant, one of the three places inspected during the investigation, stating that the document had never been served on the first defendant, Koluvia, and that the allegation that he was a user of that catering facility was incorrect.

– I wonder who made it all up. I suggest that the court, as a witness, hear the judge for the previous proceedings, who signed this order – said Dobričanin Nikodinović to the address of the court panel.

As evidence, she also questioned the one in whom the prosecution wanted to show that the accused Stevan Holić’s family home was located at the crime scene.

– Holić was not present during the inspection of his house. I wonder why this is so? To what extent is this evidence manipulated? I do not know what to say – said Dobricanin Nikodinovic.

– Why are you talking about the accused Holić and presenting evidence concerning him – asked Judge Zoran Ganić.

– The prosecutor claims that it is an organized criminal group consisting of Koluvia, so I will also turn to my client – the lawyer replied.

She also stated that the prosecution did not say who, when and how dried the cannabis found on “Jovanjica” was dried, cut and packaged. She also stated that on that farm, each plant had an individual declaration and its own bar code, a kind of ‘identity card’. She reiterated that the police had removed the evidence during the confiscation, breaking the chain of evidence and losing sight of the plants.

Dobricanin Nikodinovic “dedicated” part of his presentation to the National Center for Forensic Analysis of the Ministry of Interior of Serbia, an institution that determined on the basis of expert knowledge that plants found on the “Jovanjica” plantation were drug cannabis with a much higher proportion of psychoactive substances than allowed. This expertise, she repeated, was preceded by several illegal actions that threatened all his findings and the evidence that emerged from them.

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