Potter: Patients monitor changes in the skin; Increase of funds for treatment of children by 80% Society

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November 17, 2018 20:42 |

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Health Minister Zlatibor Loncar said today that everyone who drinks high-pressure drugs that are found to cause malignant diseases should monitor changes in the skin and contact their physician

Health Minister Zlatibor Loncar said today that everyone who drinks high-pressure drugs that are found to cause malignant disease should monitor changes in the skin and contact a doctor if you find anything unusual.

Potter told Pink TV that it is important for the state and its institutions to respect the recommendations of the professions and those who claimed that some drugs could cause changes in the skin.

"Patients need to look good, see if there are some changes, whether some young people and those who have changed the shape or color, if any of this post, analyze and consult with your doctor whether this medicine will continue , or change it, "said the minister.

He added that such things happen across Europe and the world, and that each drug has much of its good qualities but also what is not good.


Health Minister Zlatibor Loncar said today that healthcare benefits are rising due to realistic opportunities and that all trade union requirements that are ready for the interview will be considered.

On the question of today's session of the Independent Trade Union and KC Niš Branch, which states that health workers are satisfied with salary increases but are not the difference in the increase, and that they meet ministry officials, Loncar said they are ready to deal with those who they really want an agreement.

"I'm glad the trade unions talked, they said they never invested in healthcare, that healthcare workers never cared about them, if they're already worried, we're going to do something to prevent medical workers from leaving," said Loncar to the pink television.

He stressed that new hospitals are being built, renovating old ones, providing facilities, raising salaries …

"Then we all agree that the greatest burden is borne by nurses and we say that we will do something to be reasonably rewarded and not go abroad, raise them by 12% of salaries, doctors by 10%, non-medical workers by seven percent, that is This is a real basis because of the measures that have been taken after our bankruptcy, "Loncar said.

The minister pointed out that these are now real possibilities and that wages can only grow if the economy grows.

"It is possible to raise all salaries at the same time as someone wants it, people can not do it." Whoever tells you does not tell you the truth that we have prioritized and adhered to these priorities, it will not stop and work with the unions' approval, "he stressed.

According to her, she is talking to those who want to talk and work together, while those who think the betting solution should know that this method has not yet produced any results.


Health Minister Zlatibor Loncar said today that funds from the budget fund for the treatment of children abroad will increase by 80 percent or by more than 216 million dinars.

Potter told Pinka that since the fund was founded, 138 children were trained abroad, and 246 blood samples were sent to perform analyzes that did not work in our country.

"We do not send as many samples as possible, but we will make the conditions to make conditions here." There are children in Serbia who have been treated and paid for the arrival of foreign experts for their treatment, hundreds of children who have helped and millions of euros invested in it, Loncar stressed, adding that he had condemned any abuse of child support for promotion.

"We do not get acquainted with them, and we do not make pictures, why would anyone want to help?" The government has launched a call center that works every day and where each parent can invite and get all the information about the treatment of their child abroad, "he said.

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