Republic / Horror and Horror at Požež! Eight woman attempted to commit suicide in the toilet, her mother accused the teacher of mismanaging her

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Fortunately, her daughter did not, and Hadrovic said she attended schools and teachers several times, and that they had encountered conflicts because of lack of understanding. She says she filed a complaint against the school and against these teachers.

– Your daughter suffered various provocations. The artistic teacher deliberately drank temperament, and when she called for the end of her time, she stopped my daughter and told her to clean the floor. The child tells her it's not her job, and the teacher tells her she's been scattered over time. They repeatedly wrote that it was not in time, and that was it – says Mother.

She adds that the physical teacher, who is her daughter and class leader, has repeatedly spoken to other children that she is fat and that she can not omit a goat.

– What happens at school, I blame it, and every time I complain, the baby gets his nose. The Serbian teacher told me she had to spit her because she was deaf! Children call bullfighting, cattle, screaming at them, do not let them come out of the classroom after the bells. Almost all of these teachers convinced all teachers that my child showed someone a middle finger and not, which confirmed the whole class. Her daughter was incredibly emotional, everything she had experienced, which made her feel sick, Diane said.

– I still can not get it! Last week, she found a glass in the schoolyard, went to the bathroom, and pressed her wrist to her left hand. Fortunately she turned to me and sent me a picture of what she had done herself. I went to school, called emergency and police service.

After a terrible event, Diana and her daughter ended up in a hospital in Belgrade where the doctor kept an interview with N. Đ. The doctor came to the conclusion that there was no need for detention, and Diana was pleased at school to leave her child in the hospital.

– The doctor said he needed to talk to a psychologist. She did what she did, I do not justify it, but I can not close my eyes to the things my daughter suffers, "Diana says, concluding,

– The baby is better now, but trust me when she is lying asleep four times a night to get to see if she's there. I will not give up, I will fight for the rights of my child!

School Principal: Lying is that the child suffers from violence

The director of the school, Ana Radisic, says this is a complicated situation and that it starts with domestic violence:

– The mother who calls her to her baby hit the slap when she came to her while she was injured. We're not talking about it. She does not suffer from school violence, it's a complete lie, and it's nonsense. Professionals work here, has nothing to do with the connection. We took all the measures and everything we could, it would not be more.

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