Sarac: Lalatovič was not on the bench for health problems Football

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9 November 2018 21:51 |

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Proleter showed in the first half that he was a great team, they were great, in the second we showed the character – says assistant coach Radnicki

Assistant Coach Radnicky of Nis Dragan Sarac said the absence of the first six players in today's match against Prolete added that the head of team leader Nenad Lalatovic was not on the bench because of health problems.

– Proleter showed in the first half that he was a great team, he was better and deservedly had the advantage. We were in this match with a handicap, we played without six champions and it was certainly in our game – Šarac said after the match.

Radnicky's footballers have won Proleter 2-1 in Novi Sad today in their first 16th round of Super League in Serbia.

– We showed the character in the second half, we were stronger, more aggressive, and finally paid off. I have to admit that the winning Lambulica team helped us with a bad pitch at the Karadjordje Stadium, "Sarac said.

The team of the Bureau against Prolete was not led by Nenad Lalatovic on the bench, and Sarac explained the repeated failure of the chief of staff.

– As far as the lack of head of professional staff, Nenad Lalatovic, did not lead this match due to health problems, but participated in the preparation of the tactics we had in the game.

Proleter Dragan Radojicic congratulated Radnick for his victory but stressed that his players did not deserve a loss.

– In the first half we showed the character, we deserved and we fell in the sequel. This was probably influenced by two mandatory changes due to the injuries of Bukorco and Covica. The match turned in favor of Radnicky after the fine and we, unfortunately,
they lost points, "Radojicic said.

He added that the upcoming break in the championship is coming at the right time for his team.

– I think Proleter will continue the season at the top of the table – said Radojicic.

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