SLAVNI BRAZILAC IN SERBIA: Ronaldinho arrives in Belgrade! | Football

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7 November 2018 23:10 |

Former soccer player PSG, Barcelona and Milan arrived in Serbian capital for co-operation with "Mozart"

RONALDINO in Belgrade! No, it's not an interest in one of the biggest Serbian clubs, but in cooperation with Mocartsport, which is responsible for the arrival of the famous Brazilian football player in the Serbian capital.

Former PSG football player Barcelona and Milan arrived in Belgrade this evening after 23 hours and immediately accompanied about a dozen photojournalists and journalists hoping to make a statement from a famous Brazilian ace traveling to the hotel.

Ronaldinho had a 14-year-old Brazilian jersey, played 97 matches, and achieved 33 goals, and more than 100 goals during his stay in Europe, PSG, Barcelona and Milan. His career ended in 2015 in Fluminense.

Photo by N. Paraušić

Photo by N. Paraušić

Photo by N. Paraušić

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