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Srbljanovic: Investment urbanism is not from now, it is not from Vucic – Society

Investment urbanism is not from now on, it is not from Vucic, playwright Biljana Srbljanovič said in the program "Dojem týdne" and stressed that in Serbia and Belgrade, the mechanism should be changed and a system that would not allow any power to "push". the project.

Biljana Srbljanović Photo: Media Center (archive)

On a guest television on Nova S she said Belgrade was on the water in front of "Belgrade on the water" and wondered where the energy was that stopped him.

"Anyone who comes will annul the previous one and not turn to that profession," Srblanovich pointed out, noting that Belgrade has undergone various devastations since the 1990s.

He sees as a problem that citizens do not have the opportunity to be interested in their daily life policies.

On the other hand, architect Dragoljub Bakic showed in the same exhibition that Belgrade, who received the election, took over Belgrade.

"They conquered him, scared the terror, there is nothing to ask," explained Bakic, pointing out that Belgrade is a party to the current government.

He believes that Belgrade was "conquered" by manipulation and illusion, and as an example he mentioned riding on a non-existent meter.

A representative of the "Don't give up on Belgrade" Dobrica Veselinović is convinced that the "Belgrade on Water" project "sells our common future" and a society that serves to enrich one group.

“The population is growing and we have lost the power to decide our lives. We try to put politics back in the hands of ordinary citizens and succeed in this, ”Veselinovic said.


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