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Tesla white goods "for every day and every home" House

28 November 2018 18:00 |

Comtrade has introduced a novelty in the Tesla-belt technology portfolio with a new brand "Technology for All"

Comtrade today introduced a novelty in the Tesla portfolio – white technology with a new brand: "Technology for All". The Tesla brand was created by the legacy of Nikolai Tesla's vision, in which technology should not be a minority privilege, but a day for most. Thanks to the reputation of this future, where the benefits of advanced technology are available to everyone, Comtrade launches white "every day and every home" technique.

The Tesla family has become richer for the whole segment of the "every day and every home" device – white technology:

* Refrigerators and freezers of various types

* Classic and combined washing machines; drying machines

Souvenir shop

* Built-in boards

* Built-in oven

* Microwave ovens

* Aspirators

This affordable device includes a wide range of energy-saving models that fit into every space, features that make life easier everyday and provide superior customer support with a 5-year warranty.

Tesla's white goods were popularized by guests Nebojša Uskoković, Director General of Comtrade Distribution and special attention was paid to the famous basketball player, coach of the national team of SerbiaTesla marsador – Aleksandar Sasa Djordjevic. The program was run by a renowned sports journalist, Slobodan Sarenac, and took care of him for an exceptional musical atmosphere Tamburitza Ensemble "Biseri" from Subotica.

More about home appliances Tesla:

You know the machines

Tesla washers provide silent operation without vibration and motion of the device. Thanks to the durable chassis and practical technical solutions, customers will be satisfied with the low maintenance costs even after a 5 year warranty. The model is released from the menu WF81490M which significantly saves energy (A +++ class AA). Also a dryer WT8C90M and a combined machine WW86490M represent an excellent combination of technical features, modern design and attractive prices.

And that's not all, because in the period of December 3 2018. By 31 January 2019, all Tesla classic and combined scrubber customers who register their purchase are provided with annual annual Duel laundry linen powder.


They come in different sizes to fit into any concept and space. The advanced technical parameters (number of programs, temperature range, energy class and noise level) come with prices that Tesla's judges make very competitive compared to current top brands. We offer a dishwashing menu WD660MX (60 cm, inches)pcs) as a front-end device in its price range.


Vertical or horizontal, simple or combined, larger, smaller, stainless or white … To maintain the freshness and flavor of your favorite food, you have a wide range of energy-saving models that fit every room. It is separated from the menu adjacent refrigerator RB5100FHX according to quality, capacity and design, at least for a class higher than its price. Almost all Tesla cooling units belong to energy class A + and come with high-quality glass shelves.

Cooking facilities

Fast, economical, safe, easy-to-maintain and precise settings, built-in Tesla plates and oven saves space and makes it easy to prepare even the most demanding dishes. The offer meets different tastes, from classical users to modern families, with the latest technology of induction plates. In addition, representative models in this segment are made of prestigious Schott Ceran glass.


Now all dishes and preparations are taken into account. Do not smell longer than taste, you can use kitchen, telescopic, fireplace and decorative hoods of various suction units.

Microwave ovens

They are manufactured using the technology that comes from leaders in the world market of these products, which is certainly a guarantee of quality. The Tesla brand was made at attractive prices.

5 years warranty

Tesla white appliances come with a 5-year warranty without user registration because we believe in the quality of our devices. Furthermore, spare parts will be available after the warranty expires, so that consumers can sleep for more than 5 years.

Despite all this, we hope you will soon be able to try Tesla white appliances. Find my partner's stores and find a detailed specification on our site ineb website:


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