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The airline once again sold first-class tickets at an economic cost

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The group of happy passengers, Kate Pasifik, "won" first class tickets at the cost of the economy, the second time this month.

Tickets from Hong Kong to Portugal were offered on Sunday through the company's website at $ 1,512 instead of 16,000, which is the right price for this flight.

Although the investigation continues, the company has announced that passengers who have purchased these tickets will continue to travel first class.

This failure occurs after the company has recently misused personal information.

The longest flight without stopping

The airplane hit the wall

Flights from Lisbon to Hong Kong – via London – were offered for $ 1,512, according to the daily South Tea Daily.

The same transfer flight to Frankfurt costs $ 16,000.

The Hong Kong-based company said that passengers traveling on cheaper tickets are traveling in the first class.

"We are currently examining the cause of this failure both internally and externally in cooperation with ticket vendors," the statement said.

"We want to welcome you to the travelers who bought these tickets and we hope they will like our premium services."

Similar failures occurred two weeks ago.

You would be happy to travel from Vietnam to New York and back for $ 675 in the business class. These cards also cost 16,000.

And then the company admitted the mistake, but the passengers traveled to the business class.

Companies sometimes allow travelers cheaper tickets in the first class, and sometimes not.

For example, Singapore Airlines has allowed passengers to buy first-class semi-ticket tickets in 2014. And Ericsson Airlines canceled overseas tickets sold for less than $ 100.

Year full of tasks

This failure is just one of the wrong steps recently taken by society.

In October, information systems were being misused in the company, putting 9.4 million passengers at risk.

A month before, one of the planes had to return to the workshop after the aircraft's name had been entered incorrectly.

These failures occurred when the company tried to regain its profit, as it lost losses for the first time in March last year.

Kate Pasifik has serious competition – Chinese low-income companies operating in Hong Kong, China and all of Southeast Asia are the most vulnerable.

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