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The basketball hero went to Kosovo when the Albanians began to see him POTTER: We left the store and got the GAS!


04/29/2019. 11:02

Novica Spasic (40) from Bojnik, who, as a member of a special Scout Deviation unit, lost his left eye in a wild struggle with Albanian and NATO forces in April 1999, returned to Kosres after 20 years!


Baskets, Photo: Private Archive

News visited Gnjilane two weeks ago, where according to Alo! He felt the same enthusiasm that had brought him the power to fight the enemy two decades ago.

However, his stay in Kosovo was abruptly interrupted because the Albanians were imprisoned on him, who, in his words, tried to provoke an incident.

– I left my eye in Kosovo, but also many colleagues. My heart was pulled back, and I felt the same emotions I had fought for my homeland, consciously risking my life. When I went to Kosovo, my heart started beating like it came from my chest, and my tears covered my face. Gnjilane was welcomed by the Serbs, who told me, "If it weren't for you, who knows what would be with us." she speaks through tears and regrets that Kosovo had to leave before it was planned.

Specifically, when he and his sister Natalija and Zeta Dragan, who were with him in Kosovo, entered the only grocery store in Gnjilane, Novica noticed that two men looked at him frown, and then someone called him with a cell phone.


Baskets, Photo: Private Archive

– As soon as we entered the store, we noticed two men scowling at me. They took the phone and called someone, and my sister, my son-in-law, and I left the shop immediately. But they ran behind us and managed to get into the car, after which we immediately left Kosovo. I'm sure the guys recognized me, and I don't even think what would happen if we didn't escape. I'm sure they want to lynch me. I fired a car a few years ago when I first talked about the disaster we defended our country's gate – Spasic says.

Novica, who is otherwise an unemployed father of seven children at Boynik, near Leskovac, lives with social support and a modest disability allowance, which mainly goes to medicines. Despite his suffering, he and his wife, Jelena, are trying to give the kids everything they need for a carefree de

and as he points out, he would like to live most of his own work.

– War has changed our lives forever, and its consequences are every day. Many fighters went abroad for a better life, but I didn't. I love my country the most in the world and I could never live outside of Serbia. Even though I have no privileges because I fought for my country, I would resist it with the same sadness. I changed my prosthesis only after 16 years and had to change it for two to three years. I didn't have 100,000 dinars as needed, but good people helped me. My monthly disability allowance is 24,300 dinars and there are no people to help us, we could not survive. They helped us finish work at home and it's my great desire to support my family from my work, ”concludes the fighter.

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