Their problems are Levante and Sociedad

Bench in front of Barcelona: Problems are Levante and Sociedad, we can also

All knees are kneeling before Lionel Messi. He even lacked a distinctive smile from his face, Jürgen Klop, before Liverpool's final training before the collision with Barcelona and the gorgeous Argentine.

At least two details. What Klop did not celebrate in Spain was that he remembered the words of "dozen" Blaugrans before the season, when he promised to do his best to get the Champions League cup in the "Nou Kamp" stadium.
"I remember the Messiah's words from last August. He said he wanted to return the Champions League Cup, which at that time also seemed to be a threat. The German red bench expert recalls.

Again, he realizes how hard it is to keep them Leawho scored two goals for Manchester United two weeks ago and scored a La Catalan trophy on Sunday evening.
"We know all about the Messiah, but if we just pay attention to him, we would allow the remaining ten Bars players to threaten us", It's clear." Bench before explaining how "new camp" can affect their playersI never played at this stadium. Although I remember two years ago, I was watching the match between Barcelona and Menhengladbach and I was impressed. Every time you experience an emotional shock, we will have to accept it on Wednesday, given the importance of the meeting.

Except the team Erneste Valverde strong as a landmine problem The bench could be the fact that in his coaching career he never celebrated in Spain. There are six riders and three defeats.
“On Wednesday, the team would not be the worst result. That would mean a lot to us if we won and that is possible because many teams traveled here and introduced Barca to a problem like Levante or Sosijedad. But now that she has defended her championship crown, she will certainly appeal to the Champions League champions. We will certainly be tortured, but we have the possibilities and will try to take advantage of our benefits. Individuals say that Barcelona is not like it is, but it is still brilliant, so I do not cultivate any great illusion, but we can endanger it. "

Jirgen Klop he said that Roberto Firmino should recover for a match with Barcelona, ​​who missed a league game with Hadersfield for minor injuries.
"If 100 percent is ready, it will be in the team." We decide on the day of the match, " Posted by Liverpool coach.

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