THREE NATURE NATURAL NATURAL DIAGNOSTICS: One day you get rid of the cold and you have all the homemade ingredients! (INCOME) Entertainment

It is important to maintain immunity at a higher level in order to successfully cope with colds and flu. In addition to adding supplements (nutritional supplements), be sure to have a drink that will give you the last shot of viruses and strengthen the immune system.

You do not need a miracle but a few foods that will give you two cups of winter drink drink.

photo: Profimedia

– Ginger root

– 4 cloves

– half cinnamon

– whole lemon

– med

– 4 tenths of water

Ginger the ginger and slicing it, then put it in cold water with cloves and cinnamon. Boil the beverage with fine fire for 10 minutes. Remove the cover and leave it for another 20 minutes. Procedure, pour into the cups and soak them if necessary and add some lemon. Drink a drink when it is warm, not hot or when it gets cold.

photo: Profimedia, Photo: Profimedia


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