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THREE NEW TRAGO WATER TO UBICA! KRIPNIK NAIPIP SIGNED! The case was taken over by the best prosecutor in Serbia, the Black Chronicle

THREE NEW TRAGO WATER TO UBICA! KRIPNIK NAIPIP SIGNED! The case was taken over by the best prosecutor in Serbia

Photo: Kurir, Sonja Spasić, private archive

Granda singer Jelena Marjanovic left her signature on the other side of the canal in the village of Crvenka in Borce, where her body was found on April 2, 2016 and this could be the main proof that the prosecution will take place at the conclusion of the investigation, it was determined whether the murderer Zoran Marjanovic or someone another, says Kurir, lawyer from Belgrade Nebojsa Milosavljevic.

Infected DNA

– According to my knowledge on the left side of the shore, there was a trace and trace of the singer's blood, which is practically a killer's signature. In addition to this track, which has not yet been analyzed in detail, there are five DNA tracks that are not Zoran Marjan's footpaths on trainers, trainers and Jelena Marjanovic's hands. Regardless of whether these trails can be important or not, they need to be checked – Milosavljevic says.

According to this lawyer, to investigate and, possibly, the case, he might have answered the question of who killed Deer, although almost three years have passed since the crime, all the evidence and traces have to be carefully and carefully checked.

In the opinion of this lawyer, neither the analysis of the base stations nor the presence of the telephone at the place where Jelena was killed or near its end was solved.

photo by Zoran Jevtic

Zoran's lawyer


Advocate Zoran Marjanovic, lawyer Nikola Dumnić, told Kurira that he hopes that, following the evidence provided by the Appeals Court, the prosecution will give up further prosecution of Zorana.

– We hope that the prosecution has surrendered and there will be no need to propose new evidence of the defense and, above all, to review the small Jana – says Nikola Dumnić.

Base station

– At the base that covered this place at the time of the murder, 11 mobile phones were registered. Therefore, the investigators must determine who the owners of these phones – lawyer notes – what should be done before the prosecutor in Belgrade decides whether to file a third indictment against the wife of the deceased singer.

Cancel, Zoran Marjanovic was arrested on September 15, 2017, and ten months later he was released from custody. The indictment against him was raised twice, but was returned twice for the add-on.

When he last decided, the Appeals Court accepted the appeal that Marjanovic's lawyer ordered and ordered the prosecution to complete the investigation by analyzing the DNA brush taken from the right side of the suspicious Zorana, the artificial trace of blood found in the back seat of the "Mercedes" rode with his daughter, Jan waterfront, as well as a new girlfriend hearing. In addition, security surveillance and cell phones, as well as the movement of witnesses from Milan Radić's embankment in connection with the movement of Zoran and Jelena, as well as additional telecommunication expertise were also ordered to see if it was Marjanovic knowingly switched off the phone.


The higher prosecutor's charge, which was returned to the attachment, states that Zoran, Jelena and her daughter Jan went together on the embankment riverside in Crvena, where Jelena started running. As he writes, Zoran followed her quickly, grabbed Deer and used her confidence, and attracted her to the canal while the child stayed on the dike. After a brief discussion she reportedly struck her with an unverified case, and when she tried to escape, she caught her and gave her bigger wounds to her head from which she died.

photo by Zoran Jevtic

Lawyer Milosavljevic


Lawyer Nebojsa Milosavljevic says the new deputy prosecutor Jelena Biorcevich Cerovic is one of the best in her work in our country and believes she will review all the evidence and traces.

– She is a professional with a lot of knowledge and acquaintance, and I believe she will do everything to fully find out if there is enough doubt about whether or not she is Zoran. It would be very interesting if the prosecution were to be appealed, because it would mean that the question of who is a killer will reopen – says Milosavljevic, explaining that the absolute obsolescence for the murder crime is only after 50 years.

(Kurir / Jelena Spasić Photo: Private archive, Sonja Spasić, Illustration, Zoran Jevtic)


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