What are the first signs of diabetes?

If you constantly need to go to the toilet or are constantly thirsty, you may have some kind of diabetes. If you are often dehydrated or going to the toilet several times during the night, it is time to visit your doctor.

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Dehydration, which comes with diabetes, releases your mouth, which is why it is very possible that you will have bad breath.

If your aggravation gets worse and blackened, you may have problems with a lack of blood sugar. When sugar is stabilized, the sight is likely to return to normal.

Hands in legs and hands often indicate the type of diabetes. Diabetes reduces blood flow and helps in the formation of bacteria and infections in the blood, increases cholesterol and blood pressure.

For this reason, it is possible to treat your wounds slowly and your blood flows less through your body.

Unexpected weight loss and insensitivity also fall into the wrong signs to pay attention to. If you sleep a lot of hours but do not feel asleep, check your blood sugar level.

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