Why is it dangerous to take antibiotics without the doctor's consent?

Antibiotics are important medicines, but they are not omnipotent.

We use antibiotics only when we use them properly.

Only on recommendation

Although antibiotics treat numerous infections, not every antibiotic can treat any infection.

They also do not help viral infections such as flu and their use of the drug is the most widespread abuse of these drugs.

Experts point out that they should not be taken on their own, but only on the advice of doctors.

A serious problem can cause excessive and bad use of antibiotics. This means that bacteria in this case can be resistant to antibiotics and may be unusable.

Scientists say there are more bacteria in the world that are resistant to existing antibiotics.

The encouraging fact, however, is that the efficacy of drugs can be restored if properly consumed.

Correct use of antibiotics involves the use of a dose prescribed by a physician.

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