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Windows 10 will require computers to have at least 32 GB of storage

Windows 10 will require computers to have at least 32 GB of storage

Microsoft about four years ago he announced that Windows will finally become something "lighter", that means it takes less space. For Windows 10, the company required a minimum capacity of 16 GB and is now duplicated.

When the minimum storage capacity required for software is known, hardware vendors do not have too many options and must have their own multiple storage facility. When Microsoft lowered Windows 10 requirements to 16 GB, it provided manufacturers (mainly budget tablets and mini-PCs) with a justification to include at least 32 GB of space in the device. These days even phones have more storage space (we don't count models from the bottom segment).

There is another reason why Microsoft is increasing this limit. Earlier this year, the company announced that it left 7 GB on "Reserved Storage" on the side to ensure that the update does not stop if the device is left without memory. With 16 GB of space required and 7 GB of dedicated storage, users of 32 GB would only need 5 GB of storage for their needs.

Microsoft has now increased the required minimum for Windows 10 to 32 GB, starting with 1903 (May 2019) updates. The request applies to 64-bit and 32-bit systems. In practice, this would require the manufacturer to install at least 64 GB of storage on their computers.

This will probably not be problematic for newer systems that arrive during the year, but it could be a problem for existing devices that have only 32GB of space. These computers will not be able to upgrade to 1903 Windows 10 and remains the 1809 release that is expanding in 2020, which will lead many people to upgrade their PCs.

Source: SlashGear

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