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Changes in dental subsidy under Chas in November, Health News & Top Stories

SINGAPORE – Dental subsidies under the Community Health Promotion Program (Chas) will be adjusted later this year.

Since November 1, 500,000 Singapore-born singers from 1950 to 1959 qualify for Chas dental and medical support as part of the Merdeka Generation Package. These subsidies will be higher than those provided to people who have been tested for funds and held Blue or Orange Chas.

Blue Card holders receive a higher subsidy than Orange cardholders.

Dentists will also be able to offer patients the possibility of amalgam and more expensive tooth-colored fillings from November, both receiving the same amount of subsidy.

While amalgam fillers are currently eligible for lower subsidies, the price of tooth-stained fillers has decreased and is now only slightly more expensive than amalgam.

There will also be changes covering the prostheses.

Chas now subsidizes the treatment of up to two upper and two lower prostheses every three years.

But it will change to one upper and one lower every three years, without changing the subsidized amount.

That's because dentures usually last three to five years. However, someone who loses another tooth may receive a subsidy to add it to an existing dental replacement.

The Ministry of Health (MOH) said improvements are in line with changes in prices and practices.

In 2018 a total of $ 64 million was spent on dental care in Chas, providing patients with government subsidies for treatment at private medical and dental clinics.

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