IPhone 10 may have some problems

Can you believe that iPhone X is older than a year? When it was released last year, it has been the biggest redesign of iPhone since its debut in 2007.

IPhone X features game-change features like the Super-Retina 5.0-inch OLED display, Home button absence, Face Detection 3D Face Detection and Wireless Charging. It can be interrupted and replaced by newer iPhone XS and XR models, but iPhone X is the main milestone in Apple's history.

But like any other technology, the iPhone X is still prone to mistakes and failures, all the more so that existing phones are already years old. In fact, Apple has recently admitted that some iPhone Xs have serious hardware issues.

Read and see if you have any influence. You may be entitled to a replacement unit.

Problems with iPhone X viewing

Apple alerts its customers that their fantastic smartphones with the capacity of $ 1,000 iPhone X can have big problems with OLED touchscreens.

Based on an official post on her website, Apple said she "detected that some iPhone X displays may have problems with touch devices that might fail on the display module."

This means that due to a faulty internal part, the iPhone X touch screen may appear strange or even fail completely. For example, the entire display of your iPhone X (or part of its display) may not respond to touch inputs.

In other cases, your iPhone X may also suffer from "phantom touch" even if it is idle and responds as if it were affected.

You can only imagine how frustrating it can be. Apps that open themselves, constant types, unintentional cocks and even worse, your display failed when you need it most. The consequences can be serious.

Apple will repair your defective iPhone for free

If you have these problems with the iPhone X touch screen, Apple has confirmed that it will replace the defective part of the eligible devices for free.

The keyword here is "eligible" because there are limitations on what iPhone X units can be repaired. Any problem that prevents completion of the repair must be resolved before the damaged part can be replaced.

This means that your iPhone X screen must not be broken or dry and the phone itself must be turned on. If you have other problems in addition to the touch screen, it may be additional costs.

Additionally, if you have purchased your iPhone X abroad, you may not be eligible for a free local repair because Apple may restrict the service to your original country and purchase area.

If you have already exchanged your iPhone X for this issue, you can also contact Apple for a refund.

Keep in mind that although this screen repair program does not extend the one-year standard warranty on your iPhone X, it covers all iPhone X units for 3 years from the first retail sale.

However, Apple did not provide a serial number tool that would verify the capability of the iPhone X. This indicates that all iPhone X units, regardless of the date of manufacture, are eligible if they are displaying problems.

Click here to read Apple's official statement.

The MacBook Pros also has problems

It's not just an iPhone X that has problems. Apple also confirmed that "a limited number of 128GB and 256GB SSDs used in 13-inch MacBook Pro (without the touchpad) has a problem that may result in data loss and unit failure."

If you purchased your MacBook Pro between June 2017 and June 2018, you are entitled to this repair program.

If you have this device, it is important for MacBook Pro to fix your MacBook Pro as soon as possible, or to lose files and documents.

To check if your 13-inch MacBook Pro is affected, you can enter the notebook's serial number on this link.

How to view the serial number of your MacBook

Here's how to display your serial number for your MacBook Pro:

  1. Click the Apple logo on the left side of the menu bar.
  2. Select "About this Mac".
  3. Your Mac serial number will be listed at the bottom of the list of specifications.

Apple service options

If your iPhone X or MacBook Pro is capable of exchanging, you have the following three repair options.

As usual, we recommend backing up your gadget before sending it. Complete cleaning is also a good idea.

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