Liverpool fans will love what Dejan Lovren has said about real Madrid escort Sergio Ramos | Football | Sport

Loveren's Croatia defeated the Spanish side Thursday night, in which Sergio Ramos played 3-2 in the League of Nations.

Ramos recorded for the Spaniards, but the 93-minute strike by Tina Jedvaja won him for the guests.

Ramos is not in the good books of Liverpool after the injury of Mohamed Salah during the Champions League final last season.

Real Madrid went to win this match for his third European Cup victory in a row.

Ramos also hit Loris Karius in Liverpool during this test match after the match proving an apron suffered a heart attack.

And Lovren got his own back on Ramos, more than one.

"He knocked him well," Lovren said at Instagram from the winning dressing room that moved with his hand.

"Haha!" 3-2 Come on and talk to your friend.

"They are a bunch of p ******."

Lovren took another shot at Ramos before the League of Nations meeting.

"When he [Ramos] makes a mistake, won 5-1 or 5-2 and no one cares, "said Lovren Copa90.

But Ramos refused to get the argument.

"I have said it many times, I do not know if these things are said to be frustrated or for other reasons," he said at a press conference in Spain.

"I do not answer Lovren, nor those who want to win the first three pages or run a newspaper reporter.

"Everybody will win things on the pitch."

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