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Ronaldo, Messi still dominate the Champions League, despite strong English clubs

So English football is back, limited by Liverpool's victory in Munich on Wednesday night (March 13), but is the Premier League ready to regain the Champions League?

With four English clubs that have reached the quarterfinals for the first time since the 2008-2009 season, we can be at the cutting edge of the new era of European domination by the richest league in the world.

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Don't expect you to start without saying anything about Cristiano Ronaldo or Lionel Messi.

Sixteen Champions League Champions represented four Premier League representatives – Manchester City, Manchester United, Liverpool and Tottenham – each presenting a serious intention statement when they reserved a seat in Friday's draw for the second leg.

The city demolished Schalke 04 in a 10-2 total victory over two legs, while United neighbors overturned odds to get back from a 2-0 first home defeat against Paris Saint-Germain with a stunning 3-1 win in the Parc des Princes.

Liverpool said one of their most impressive victories in the European Cup won with a 3-1 victory against Bayern Munich in Germany and Spurs cruised around Borussia Dortmund with a 4-0 victory against Lucien Favre.

In the three ties between the Premier League and the Bundesliga opposition, the English clubs won a total of 17-3, which the German team will consider a humiliating result.

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It was also an example of muscle flexing City, Liverpool and Spurs that will be recorded as Barcelona and Juventus, two continental heavyweights most likely standing in the way of English triumph in the final in Madrid in June 1.

The unexpected United States victory over PSG also ensures that they will be considered a dangerous outsider in Friday's draw, but while in 2012 it is necessary to focus on the prospect of the first Champions League Champion of Chelsea in 2012, it would be wise to consider the threat posed by Messi and Ronaldo with Barca and Juve, for the Premier League ambitions.

This was the time of Messi and Ronaldo in the Champions League. Not since Bayern Wembley wins against Dortmund in 2013, the Champions League was won without one of them winning the winning team.

Messi was on Wednesday during a victory at Barce 5-1 Nou Camp against Lyon on Wednesday, when he scored twice and made another for the Spanish champions, while Rondo's hat-trick against Atletico Madrid in Turin 24 hours ago was the last chapter in the incredible Juventus Story of the Champions League .

When he was told after the 3-0 win that the Italians had a 3-2 victory, Juve never held a Champions League comeback, Ronaldo said, "Maybe they signed me."

Whether joking or not, it is fair to suggest that Juventus knew exactly what they were going to get when they signed Ronaldo from Real Madrid last summer. He helped Real win four of the last five Champions Leagues and it is hard to imagine Spanish giants winning any of them without the contribution of a Portuguese star.

Ronaldo comes to life in the Champions League, where he is the owner of a seemingly endless collection of individual records and represents a huge threat to any English club that will remain in competition.

Real Madrid is forward Cristiano Ronaldo gestures as he poses with the trophy after he has been

Real Madrid's Forward Cristiano Ronaldo Gestures As He Introduces himself with a trophy after he won the title "Best Male Player in Europe" on August 24, 2017. (Photo: AFP / VALERY HACHE)

The same is true for Messi, who was not excluded from the competition by the English team because Chelsea beat Barcelona in the semifinals on the way to their victory in 2012.

Ronaldo has never been on a defeat against the English opposition in the Champions League knockout stages even when he was in the United States when Alex Ferguson's men overcame Chelsea and Arsenal at all English meetings.

Everything inevitably ends at some point, but if the English team is to win the Champions League this season, they are likely to have to defeat a team containing Messi or Ronaldo, or defeat both to claim a trophy.

Pep Guardiola, the only coach who won the Champions League earlier, quickly drew attention to the victory of Man City against Schalke this week that Ronaldo is a major threat to his team's ambitions.

"She has to put pressure on her shoulders, he bets three against Atletico Madrid and they (Juventus) go through," Guardiola said.

"This is the type of person you face to reach the next stages."

Messi, whose brilliance was the key to winning the Guardiola in the two Champions League leagues with Barcelona, ​​is as dangerous as Ronaldo and it will be interesting to see if any of the four clubs in England can find a way to overcome two modern greats.

Lionel Messi celebrates after scoring against Manchester United in the Champions League final

Lionel Messi Celebrates After Scoring Against Manchester United in Champions League Final 2011 at Wembley AFP / LLUIS GENE

The Premier League could wake up again as a European force, but Ronaldo and Messi remain king of the competition.

They should hit fear in the hearts of every English club that still dreams of winning the Champions League.

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