Significant opposition leaders repeatedly claim to have seen the UFO

Apparent opposition politician Goh Meng Seng reiterated the statement he made years ago about seeing UFOs. Yesterday wrote on Facebook the Secretary General of the People's Party wrote:

"In 2000, I saw an object clothed like a cloud that shines and floats very slowly, before I can take my camera and get a picture of it, it just grew at extreme speed … astronomical speeds and zips in the evening sky.

"Such speed technology is not known to human civilization, and I am convinced that there is some advanced civilization on Earth that is alien."

Earlier in 2011, Goh explained why he was a "UFO / believer alien". Described by the UFO that he was witnessing, the opposition politician added that he believed there were two types of UFOs – one type being operated by real aliens, according to Goha, while the other type is "man made in some countries like America or Russia ":

"Okay, I'll tell you why I'm a UFO / alien believer.

"I'm witnessing what I consider to be a UFO, a foreign object in 1999, because no human technology can explain or do what this object did, and I wrote about it at

"At first glance, it looks like a glowing white cloud floats in the air, shaped like an oval shape, floating close to my windows, watching TV now.

"She caught my eyes because of her" brilliant "nature and the way she moved, slowly and firmly, which seemed somehow" unnatural. "I tried to get close to the window and a moment later she just snapped and zoomed in my eye … I believe that no human technology would have any object to move so fast.

"There is still such a picture in my head that I still have not had a video camera to record the whole process and since then I have always been talking about UFO sightings Some UFO tracking reports around the world coincide with my own witness … such objects only zip and zoom within seconds.

"Whether this report on three giant space ships is real, I really do not know." The best travel from Pluto or Jupiter to ordinary human space exploration will last for years … decades If Earth arrives for only 2 years, there are 20 or more ways that human technology can do.

"I think there are two types of UFOs on Earth, some of which are man-made in some countries like America or Russia, but these are those that could only" normal "speeds to fly because of technological limitations. in the shape of a plate, have the ability to move around, etc. But they do not have the technology of motion at the speed of light, and those who could do it are probably alien. "

Goh made the last remarks when he related to the article on how the Irish authorities are investigating allegations of UFO sightings of commercial airline pilots.

The Guardian and the BBC have announced that the Irish aviation authority has been called to investigate after separate British air carriers and Virgin Airlines carriers have reported that UFOs are flying around their aircraft.

The British Airways Flight Pilot has been thinking about the origin of the subject after announcing that he is seeing a fast-moving object, flying around her planes and being told that there is nothing on the radar.

Similarly, three pilots flying Virgin Airlines commercial airline claim to have seen a "meteor or other object that caused a return" and what appeared to be "more objects that followed the same trajectory – very clear from where we were" .

Despite the speculation that strange observations involve some kind of alien activity, a spokesman for the Irish Aviation Authority said it was unlikely that the incident was caused by extraterrestrial creatures. He added that the investigation is ongoing.

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