The first BTS pop-up store in Singapore is so exclusive that each person is only allowed seven hour visits

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Singapore – For those who don’t know yet, K-pop superstars BTS opened their first pop-up store in Singapore on November 14, along with the stunning announcement that the exclusive store will remain open for only three months. With this in mind, devoted fans (otherwise known as uber-loyal BTS ARMY) who plan to take trips to the store – which carries a limited edition and must have BTS goods – should know that each visitor is allowed only seven visits, with one hour is the maximum time for each trip to the store.

The Korean boy band BTS, probably one of the most influential and famous boy bands in the world, really took the world by storm, not only with its music, but also with the work of UNICEF goodwill ambassadors.

BTS pop-up store
Image credits: official BTS / Big Hit Entertainment website

The band’s latest album, Map Of The Soul: 7 (MOTS: 7), made K-pop history and became the first Asian band to remain number one in the world’s largest music markets. – in Great Britain, the United States, Germany, France and Japan.

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As if that wasn’t impressive enough, BTS dedicated to ARMY streamed MOTS: 7 during the first day of the album in a staggering 33.8 million times – a new record in the artist’s biggest debut on a music streaming platform.

For the time being, COVID-19 may have carried away the luxury of live concerts and muffled the spirits of music lovers around the world, but BTS brings holiday encouragement to fans who can’t see their beloved idols in person.

The seven-member boyband has currently opened three online stores for the period from November 14, 2020 to February 14, 2021. One online store is for Japanese clients, the other for European fans and the third for service customers in Singapore, Indonesia, Malaysia, Philippines, Vietnam , Thailand and Taiwan.

BTS has only three exclusive pop-up stores where fans can browse items in person – in Seoul, Tokyo and Singapore.

The BTS show, located on the first floor of Singapore’s Plaza, is unsurprisingly amazing; It’s fun and full of beautiful items that are almost – but not quite – as nice as the boys in the band.

Image credits: @ bts_4_ever_love / Instagram

While the Singapore store is small compared to Seoul’s three-story building, it is full of limited edition pieces worthy of any collection of BTS ARMY hardcore fans. Approximately 300 exclusive BTS goods, from everyday objects, figurines and clothing, will be presented in the showcase.

In the showcase, visitors can expect to find TinyTAN – animated characters modeled after members of the band RM, Jimin, J-Hope, Suga, Jin, V and Jung Kook; 3D posters; stationery; face towels; and Christmas merchandise with the band coming out this December.

Exclusive ON, black Swan and Dynamite– Themed items will also be available for purchase, only in the stone shop.

BTS pop-up store
Image credits: @ bts_4_ever_love / Instagram

The store is also set up just fine; The songs are sorted and organized by theme and matching music videos, so fans will have a great time looking for special songs related to their favorite songs.

Fans must carefully plan their visits to the store. While the BTS pop-up store is open daily from 10:00 to 22:00, guests must book in advance and can only visit the store seven times per person, up to an hour per visit.

Although the items are limited and there will be no replenishment, BTS promises that new goods will be added to the display case every week.

There are a few other important rules to keep in mind: 1) ticket holders are advised to arrive 10 to 15 minutes before the selected time period and enter the entry queue via a registered OTP mobile number, 2) ticket holders will be issued a bracelet and directed to the appropriate lanes for safe entry, check-in and temperature measurement, 3) food and beverages are not allowed inside and 4) return entry is not allowed once you leave the store.

What are you waiting for? Get a BTS repair at The Map of the Soul in Singapore’s Plaza!


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