The scientists have shown that the orangutans can tell each other about the past

He conducted a study by experts from St. Louis University. Andrews.

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Researchers of Saint Andrew's Priest concluded that Orangutans are, in fact, a much more advanced type of APE than is commonly believed. In addition to being able to perceive and understand the past, they are also able to share information about past events with their relatives.

To do this, scientists have done a very interesting experiment whose purity was determined to communicate exclusively with wild primates in their natural environment. Scientists who wore special suits painted in the form of colorful predators, tiger lanes, and occasionally walked by the trees that the orangutan females hid with their children. After the predator left the area, the primates immediately began to search for their relatives and issue an alert to warn others of the possible danger.

"The woman suddenly stopped, grasped her baby's shoulder, avoided, showing the stress, and then started climbing the tree without talking. Only 20 minutes after the departure of the raptor began to burn his lips what he did in the last hour"- said the head of the research team describing the experiment.

A new study says that the orangutans are really able to tell each other about the past, however, they do so clearly in their language.

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