Tom Felton from Harry Potter reveals a strange request from a fan who has left him stunned

Generally, Harry Potter fans are willing to do anything to demonstrate their love for JK Rowling's universe and all the characters in it.

While most people do not allow this passion to penetrate into their real life, others are fully invested in turning the novels into their own reality – which may occasionally cause fans to encounter quite oddly.

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In an interview with Yahoo Movies UK, Tom Felton opened up to a fan who had taken things to the extreme when he sent some admissions documents to his actor before his new prize on YouTube.

"I have very special letters," he said. "One man wanted to accept me, changed my name legally to Lucius Malfoy and wanted me to change my name to Draco Malfoy and legally accepted me.


"I have some angry Americans saying to me," Leave Harry Potter alone what you've ever done? "but they are serious about delivering," he said. "It seems I think I have some influence [JK] Rowling's font! "

In another example of a fanciful arrival in life, Dramione's carriers around the world felt as if they won the Triwizard Tournament when Emma Watson and Tom met in California with skateboards and snapbacks.

Are you interested in what IRL Lucius Malfoy is doing today?

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