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Tottenham learns the Champions League lessons to defeat Inter as a Renaissance Moussa Sissoko

Christian Eriksen kept Tottenham in the hunt for taking the Champions League away by jumping out of the bench to win the late winner when Inter defeated 1-1 in Wembley.

Inter just needed a draw to reach the final 5th point on Tottenham's performance and held tight until Eriksen finished the move with Moussa Sissa and Delem Alli in the 80th minute.

Tottenham is doing all that, because it has to match or better the result of Inter against PSV. Spurs travels to Camp Nou, where Barcelona is next.

Jack Rosser was at Wembley to review the key points of the interview …


Challenges to the Champions League show

Last season, the Champions League in the heart of Juventus highlighted the real lack of know-how on the Spurs side that was not used to "dark art" – as Mauricio Pochettino says in a subsequent European football match. Things have changed.

There was a figure about Spurs, which was not clear last season. Construction has been taking place since August; performances were not on the usual smooth standard, but the results came in any possible way.

The perfect combination came under the arc when it mattered. Tottenham dominated the game, Inter fell to a couple of halves here and there, and when it was difficult and chances were missed, Spurs kept his plan.

They showed a level of consciousness and desire that, if they were a bit unthinkable, and moved by gaining only a point from their first three games, will make them a world of good that goes into retirement stages.

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Harmful warning

It was not a good news. Entry into the game Tottenham did not reach the last six meetings with the Champions League when they were on the break stage, which means that they would be rightfully familiar with Wembley when a number of chances came in the first half.

Spurs were dominated by the fact that Harry Winks and Moussa Sissoko were well in the middle and Lucas Moura saw a lot of ball in the last third, but none of that was. The Brazilian had one attempt to make better, set aside before he could see the loose header from the corner, while Winks might have been unhappy when his hairstyle was lifted from the bar.

They felt as if they were heading for the same fate as in Milan and Eindhoven, a great chance that they would eventually see that there would be five points between the two matches. The Winks talked to us about having learned their lessons from these shortcomings, and this time with this, but Pochettino would be desperately trying to make sure that these same problems in Barcelona did not happen if they were given the chance.

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Eriksen shows his pedigree

Christian Eriksen is the first touch from the bench. In the second half Spurs tried to find a second place in the back and Eriksen was sent for 20 minutes to change it.

Tottenham won a free kick in mid-Inter Milan, which replaced Eriksson with Erik Lamel. He stood up and stood over the dead ball before filling the perfect ball into the far post and invited Vertonghen to the remote station to nod to his home and eventually stop blocking. The Belgian player's head was wide and should hit the back of the net, but Eriksen then sent Luciano Spalletti's warning.

He sat beside Sissoku and tried to orchestrate the chances of the ones ahead of him, but when his time came and the space presented himself at a remote station, he was there. Dele Alli should be praised for his role in the finish, with a gentle touch and a brilliant awareness that would bring him to Eriksen, but it was, as it often is, Dane who made the difference.

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Sissoko will not stop

Sissoko had spent the last month or two when it turned out that almost everyone was wrong. Players and staff were pleased to talk about their recent performances, against PSV, for the last time in the Champions League or in Selhurst Park, where they drank for the upcoming fans' match.

That was not enough. Here again he was against the Italians. In the middle of the field along the Winks there would be a lot of space to cover, but it was tireless in coverage on the back and firing attacking moves forward with running runs that, unlike before in the season, had a tangible final product.

It seemed right that he played the important role of the winner. It was thanks to one of those trips that stretched to the right, in the middle of the three black and blue shirts that Alli, who played in Eriksen, could find.

Since he was simply a player who tried to find a form in the League Cup games, not too long ago, Sissoko had risen to an almost unachievable Pochettino party.

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Dream team in defense

The game plan from Tottenham was simple. They demanded victory and a good reserve to keep things comfortable.

With Eric Diere nominated on a bench, the middle of a field that tried to find pressure, and full backward flying, there was more than a small responsibility at the feet with the associated Toby Alderweireld and Jan Vertonghen.

If you need a clean sheet, however, there are a few better pairs to turn to. The first half of the reservation for Alderweireld, who found himself in Mauro Icardi, was the only true flaw, as the couple not only kept things perfectly back but looked like they were coming from deep diagonals with diagonal diagonals. It is nice to have them back.

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