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Banská Bystrica will not join the Ice Hockey Champions League

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Triple Slovak hockey champion HC '05 iClinic Banská Bystrica will not use the right to apply for the Champions League 2019/2020. Juraj Koval, the president of the club, confirmed this for the Sport daily.

"We are not joining the new Champions League because our participation in it is financially lost. Defitic means that we are threatening our own financial security," Koval said. The Banska Bystrica people took part in the competition twice, not once from the base group.

"Our Champions League cost was also high due to the need for air transfers to Lugano, Switzerland and Jyväskylä, Finland. Simply put, we stayed for the Champions League and we don't want it anymore. We have to represent Slovakia and the league just for our money, without the support of the union. ..We do not want to risk, so we will not be a Champions League participant, " said the head of the club for Tuesday's issue of Sport.

The entry fee for the LM was 12,000 euros last year. The club had the costs of the referees, the organization of the home matches, but above all the big expenses associated with air and bus transport. According to Sport, the rent for the air specialty ranges from 60 to 80,000 euros. In October 2018, the LM's central marketing received 30,000 euros, while additional revenue was generated from the sale of tickets for three home games, but they were not sold out.

Bystričania won the third championship title in a row when they beat Nitra 4: 1 in the final of the Kaufland play off Tipsport League.

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