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Google Fit – guide your health to iOS as well

Apple offers its Health app on iPhone, but let's be honest, its user experience is not the best. Fortunately, a competing Google Fit app can represent her.

Watching your health through apps, sports bracelets and watches can sometimes be a nice mess. Each manufacturer of such accessories has its own application and each application writes such data in a different way. Therefore, to get a comprehensive view of your health, you need to use central applications such as Apple Health or Google Fit.

Unlike the Apple Health app, Google Fit has crossed its platform and is already on Android for iOS. In addition, it works fully with the Health app, so it can handle any data about your movement from almost any 3rd party application.

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Google has worked with the World Health Organization (WHO) and the American Health Organization (AHA) to create this app. For this reason, the application focuses on counting the minutes of motion and points for increased heart rate.

With the second indicator, the app will reward you with one point for every minute you do any physical activity and two points for every minute you are doing more challenging sports. You will get twice as many points for running as you would for an ordinary walk.

The motion information is retrieved from motion sensors on your smartphone or from apps, sports bracelets, and watches that work with Apple Health. These include popular applications such as Lifesum, Diet, Headspace and more.

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Although it may look strange, you can still use Google Fit with the Apple Watch. However, more will suit those who own bracelets and watches from other manufacturers and do not fit their original application.

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Google Fit lets you get a comprehensive overview of your health and movement, regardless of the mobile platform and accessories you use.

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