Hapal before the premiere with Ukraine: We will do our best to succeed

With Pavel Hapal in the position of head coach, the Slovak representation will enter a new era, which will start with the 1st match of the B-Division of the League of Nations with Ukraine. Jan Kozák's successor has a complete kádr, since Monday, players have been training without any relief except Stanislav Lobotka. The start of the Celta Vigo midfielder, who has trouble with his ankle, will be decided by a doctor.

The Slovaks are in the first group of the B-division of the League of Nations after two losses on the last third place without spot gain. If they want to avoid dropping into a "cake", they have to pay the Czech Republic a 1: 2 loss of home strength. The Czech Republic has three points, Ukraine with nine will surely advance to the highest division. Slovak footballers want to tune in Ukraine against the Ukraine in a duel in Prague with a positive result and take care of the successful debut of the new head of the bench. "For us, both matches are important, we will make them the best for success, which is a victory for us, in the Czech Republic we have to win, in any case we want to collect as many points as possible in order to win the qualifying ME in the best situation" he said Hapal.

His first nomination includes Miroslav Stoch from Slavie Praha, who returned to the national team for the first time since the European Championship 2016. The Czech helmsman did not make any major changes, and the cad are made by players who played under his predecessor. However, the team's playing style will change. "We definitely work on the style of the game we want to present, we have an idea that we want to stick to, and of course we will prepare for each duel separately, but if we want to stay in the group, we have to win in the Czech Republic, but it will be crucial if we can win We will invite the spectators to come to encourage us The Usti stadium is beautiful and in the full of the tribbles and the players will make the maximum to please the fans The most important is the first game and then we will concentrate on the Czech Republic, he stressed Hapal.

New Slovak recorder in the number of played international matches Marek Hamšík believes that the teammates will pay the Ukrainians and Czechs lose. "We will try to get as many points as possible in this two-bet, we know it will not be easy, but they are the teams with which we have played a balanced match, and as we have lost them we could have won. now. "

Marek Hamšík
Marek Hamšík at the meeting of the Slovak representation (photo: TASR)

Ukrainian coach Andriy Shevchenko plans to see more new adjectives on the jersey in matches with Slovakia and Turkey (November 20 in Antalya). His nomination was up to five, waiting for a bout in the national A-team, namely defenders Vasyl Kravec, Ihor Plastun and Vitali Mykolenko, from strikers Andrij Borjačuk and Marjan Šved. "These players showed off in good light at the youth clubs and, in addition, they are doing good in their clubs, we see the prospect in our young players and we think they should get a chance, we have a responsibility to the fans, and maybe we risk a little bit, but I'm convinced that we will have a competitive team in both matches, and now is the right time to get a picture of the players that we can play in our future in the future " he said Shevchenko. Most of the selection of "yellow-blue" has goalkeeper and captain Andriy Pjatov (84 international matches), players from Legionnaire Schalke 04 Gelsenkirchen Jevhen Konopian (75 games / 18 goals).

The Slovakia – Ukraine match kicks off on Friday, November 16, at 20.45 h at the Anton Malatinsky Stadium in Trnava. The referee from Montenegro, headed by Nikolay Dabanovič, will lead him, broadcast by RTVS on the Unit. In the first match between the League of Nations, the Slovaks lost 0: 1 after 80 minutes goal scored by Andrij Jarmolenko from eleven. It was played on September 9 in Lviv in front of empty stands. After a fight with Ukraine, Slovak footballers will be presented in Prague on Monday 19 November at 20.45 against the Czech Republic.

1st Group B-Division of the League of Nations (Friday 16 November at 20.45, City Arena Trnava in Trnava):
SLOVAKIA – Ukraine
/ Judges: Dabanovic – Djukic, Djikanovic (all CH) /

expected team: Dúbravka – Sabo, Škrtel, Skriniar, Hubočan – Kucka, Greguš – Mak, Hamšík, Stoch – German

the remaining program of the 1st B-League League of Nations:
Monday November 19:
20.45 Czech Republic – SLOVAKIA / Prague /

1. Ukraine 3 3 0 0 4: 1 9 – A certain advance to the A-division
2. Czech Republic 3 1 0 2 3: 4 3
3. SLOVAKIA 2 0 0 2 1: 3 0

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