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It's like a dream, but it's said: Eat what you want – sugar and carbohydrates!

Do you fight with pounds, want to lose weight? Then you should know that sugar is not toxic and low carbohydrate diets are not healthier.

Do you really need to be tortured by a variety of diets and omitted some kinds of food? New book: "Eat It Anyway" by Eve Simmons and Laury Dennison denies everything you've ever thought is necessary for beauty and health to do.

Slim ladies often highlight a variety of forms of diet, bookstore and social media are full of extreme tips to lose weight. Research, however, shows that 97 percent of those who reduce diet based on the diet presented in an attempt to lose weight fail.

After completing the diet, they will return to their weight or add even more, which is extremely depressive. These are, according to the authors of the book, dark pages of modern diets. In addition, Harvard University research has shown that clinging to strict diets and avoiding certain types of foods promotes the release of cortisol stress hormone.

Obesity through diet often ends with income disorders

And it's another very important negative side. The authors of the book point out that so much promotion of diet everywhere we look at can lead to the risk of eating disorders.

Dieting can easily avoid your control and develop anorexia, bulimia or other modern disorders.

These are very serious psychological and physical problems that can result not only in long-term health damage, infertility, chronic problems, but also death. So even the seemingly positive "obsession" with healthy eating can end very badly.

There is no healthy or unhealthy diet

Eve Simmons herself overcame anorexia. The truth about the diet was revealed by the dietician Luci Daniels, who had been discharged from the dangerous disease and started eating "normally".

This expert revealed the truth to her: There is no part of the diet that we might call healthy or unhealthy. Each ingredient in a balanced diet plays its role. That was the foundation that brought Eve along with her friend Laura Dennison to write the book "Eat It Anyway".

The book denies some common and often promoted ideas about a healthy diet:

All sugar is poison and it must be avoided

In fact, adults should not consume more than 30 g (seven teaspoons) of sugar a day, because more sugar will worsen the teeth and cause weight gain.

Sugar naturally occurring in fruit, vegetables and milk is not included in this limit because it is linked to fiber and other health-promoting compounds in these foods.

"Many people eat too much sugar, so they should reduce it, but it is not necessary to avoid sugar." The trend caused great confusion because people think they should also avoid sugar in fruit or root vegetables, "points out Luci Daniels .

If we really avoided all foods containing sugar, the result will be a lack of calcium and vital vitamins and minerals that are important for the function of bones, muscles and cells.

Another myth is the assumption that natural sweeteners – honey, acacia and maple syrup are much healthier. The idea that one type of sugar is healthier than another is unscientific according to the expert.

If you want to lose weight, avoid avoiding carbohydrates

Low-carbohydrate diets are now very popular. There are studies that confirm that low-calorie low carbohydrate diets can help obese diabetics to lose weight. But why should healthy people keep them?

"There is no full proof that avoiding carbohydrates helps to slim figure in the long run … Low-carbohydrate diets cause energy loss but also poor nutritional value of the diet.

The brain itself needs 130 g of carbs per day to work. In addition, ketone formation will cause your breath to smell like a nail polish, "notes Luci Daniels.

If you really can live without carbs, it is likely that you will die sooner than the people who eat them. Why? Since foods containing carbohydrates are often also a source of fiber that stabilizes blood sugar and prevents intestinal cancer and obesity.

Vegetable alternatives to milk are better

Millions of people around the world today avoids milk, cream and cheese because they think they are a problem for their health and weight. And those who do not have lactose intolerance.

Shelves in food are filled with different alternatives to milk, but do they really deserve milk and products from such a bad reputation? It is assumed that saturated fat in dairy products increases blood cholesterol levels. The reality, however, is that it only concerns the large amount of saturated fat consumed throughout life.

Conversely, a recent study published in The Lancet magazine showed that kdaily intake of three servings of dairy products reduces the risk of premature death, heart and blood vessel disease and stroke.

In addition, milk has a number of healthy properties, including amino acids, vitamin K, calcium, magnesium, protein. Whole milk products are proven to strengthen the immune function – they act as probiotics.

Vegan diet is ideal for good health

The number of people who do not eat meat, milk and eggs has increased fourfold in ten years. Is Vegan Health Better Than Normal Food?

"Vegans are more oriented towards their health, more trained and come from a middle or higher social class.

All these facts are related to a better health condition. Being healthier does not have to be a diet but a lifestyle, "explains dietologist, adding that it is very challenging to have a balanced vegan diet with all that the body needs for its health Many young people who have gone to vegans have finished serious eating disorder.

What is the healthiest diet of all?

"Eat with peace, eat lots of fruits and vegetables, drink more water, it's not sexy, but it's scientifically confirmed," says Luci Daniels.

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