One hundred in two seconds. The fastest accelerating car in the world is already on sale

When the name hypersport car is mentioned, many fans of cars with crazy performance parameters automatically imagine a strictly aerodynamically shaped vehicle with a top-tuned high-volume internal combustion engine.

And we’re not talking about that penetrating, unmistakable sound, it’s just the perfect orchestra for the ears for avid gasoline fans.

However, times are changing and today it is no longer unusual for unconventional propulsion units to settle under the hoods of these powerful beasts. Whether it’s a hybrid system or even a fully electric drive. This is also the case with the Aspark Owl electric car, which will take your breath away as it accelerates.

Three years ago, the automotive division of the Japanese company Aspark decided to present to the world its concept of an uncompromising sports car called the Owl. He shocked the public especially by its even unrealistic parametersHowever, the company stood behind it. Today, the model, in its serial form, is even on sale, even in Europe.

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