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Šefčovič is running for president as independent: His candidacy was supported only by deputies of the Direction

Šefčovič wants to be a president with a human face. He promises to open the presidential palace to people. One day a month, he wants to organize an open day working day. He also advised that he would do the maximum to strengthen the social dimension of society. He wants everybody to have a dignified life. He appreciated that the government raised the minimum wage to 520 euros. It also supports increases in night work and weekends.

Šefčovič wants to be the president of modern and prosperous Slovakia. "I will never sign the laws that would lift trains or lunch for free," he said. He wants to organize roundtables of political parties. It wants social Slovakia. Would it be that the Christmas allowance for the pensioner turned into 13 pensions. It is also for the retirement age.

It will work to make Slovakia one of the European agencies. It will promote the emergence of a center of excellence that would serve to teach young people. According to him, Slovakia is embedded in Europe. "The EU is a guarantee of our prosperity and security."

Šefčovič wants to be the president of the whole society

He and his wife Helena came along with him, who will take over the role of the first lady. According to her, we have the tradition of the first ladies who have been promoting the weaker. She mentioned the wives of Michal Kováč, Rudolf Schuster and Ivan Gašparovič.

The candidacy for the post of President has already been handed over by Martin Dano, who received 16 signatures of the deputies of the National Assembly. Petitions with citizens' signatures, to which at least 15 000 signatures were collected, were submitted by Eduard Chmelár, Róbert Švec, candidate SaS Robert Mistrík, Mostu-Híd chairman Béla Bugár, judge of the Supreme Court of the CR Štefan Harabin, businesswoman Bohumila Tauchmanová, Vice-Chairwoman of Progressive Slovakia Zuzana Čaputová, František Miklosko, Juraj Zábojník, who was once the director of the Office for the Protection of Constitutional Factors, Hungarian Party President József Menyhárt, Vice-Chairman of the Movement We Are Family Milan Krajniak, and Chairman of the People's Party Our Slovakia Marián Kotleba. The petition sheets with the necessary signatures were also handed over by Radovan Znášik, even though on the day of the first round of elections he will not meet the 40-year age condition.

The first round of presidential elections will take place on March 16th. If none of the presidential candidates obtains an absolute majority of the valid votes of the eligible voters, the second round of election of the head of state will be on Saturday March 30, 2019. Present President Andrej Kiska is in office until mid June 2019.

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