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Telekom does not have Fantomas

Hurray … I already know to write this blog, because I just turned on, after two days of disconnection, the internet. And why was he disconnected? Telekom is clear about that. No payment for Magio and the Internet was paid in October. But, he is wrong. The payment was paid by a standing order from the bank. Telekom did not like it and returned the payment. Not even the subject amount of 30, 08 euros, but 44 euros. It was said to be overpayment.

Subsequently, they have sent two SMS messages to a wife's cellphone, but this is not in her cellphone. And yesterday morning – bac. They hurried up, and Magio and WIFI simply put off and erase all the recordings, which man is going to beat.

This would be a fairly common case / not quite correct / business relationship with the customer. But it's not. When he finally managed to call Telekom at 0800123456 for about half an hour, when he was still playing the same punch in the eyeliner as a flachinetl, he had been promised to join it again. But not after paying in the bank, because it could take over 24 hours. The sluggish voice of a worker on the other side of the line advised that it would be better to go to the Telekom branch and within an hour it would work.

Who would not use such a great offer … Up – down thirty kilometers – and waiting. In an hour? They just believe naive. Take it for ten seconds to turn off the electricity and turn it on. Fun for idiots, because they were futile full-length attempts. This was not different this morning. When the worker on fault number 0800123777, after reinstalling the whole system, it finally made things right. Partly, because magic recordings are fucking.

And what lesson does this mean? The competing firm O2 has Fantomas, who is supposed to cope with each other. Telekom goes in a similar way, but only in the form of a boy's voice of some Mark that leads you to satisfaction. His company not only records calls but does everything to improve quality.

And what is the trust in the customer who has paid and paid for years and yet shuts it down?

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