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The latest documentary about Jackson is shocked. The audience left confusion and disgust

Leaving Neverland, a controversial documentary detailing how Michael Jackson's singer sexually harasses juvenile boys, describes critics as a devastating, powerful and persuasive serial predator.

The four-hour film, which focuses on the testimony of two victims of Wad Robson and James Safechuck, left a strong and bad feeling in the audience at the Sundac Festival in Park City, Utah.

Several viewers immediately expressed their feelings on Twitter. They were in shock and deeply worried about the video that HBO's television shows will show in the spring.

"You will never listen to Michael Jackson in the same way, and you will never want to hear him again," wrote David Ehrlich of Indiewire.

The film has been published despite strong pressure from the Jackson side who deny all charges against the King of Pop.

Robson (36) and Safechuck (40) have been saying for years that Jackson has bothered and raped at the Neverland ranch. At that time, they were seven and ten years old.

"Maybe it's not a secret that Michael Jackson was not the most suitable for more young boys, but the details of the four-hour film, Dana Reed, can not be prepared," critic Ehrlich said.

Jimmy Safechuck

"One thing is that we listened to it for years, but it is different to hear the dreadfully detailed testimony of two of the most famous singers about releasing them from their reality, dividing their families, and showing them their love for disgusting ways of sexual act," he added. a film critic with the courageous assertion that Leaving Neverland removes any doubts about Robson and Safechucka's claims.

Another critic Owen Glieberman of Variety is also leaning on the victim's side. "Sexual activities describe in detail that they only confirm the horrors caused by Michael Jackson's disease, a pedophile who was acting as a child protector," he wrote.

Wade Robson

It also points to one of the uncertainties of the past. The fact remains that it was Robson and Safechuck, who had witnessed in the first Jackson trial for years. "But the film explains very clearly how it happened," he said.

Critic Daniel FIENBERG of The Hollywood Reporter is not so convinced. His film review starts with the words: "dangerously complicated project to review". "The documentary director knows that Leaving Neverland will never win Jackson is dead, his fans love him fanatically but what the director wants to achieve is that he offered victims a safe place to share their experiences in the way they like it , "he writes.

The Jackson Family Statement:

The family publicly responded after the documentary premiere at the Sundance Film Festival. According to them, they are public lynching and are convinced that the singer is innocent.

Michael Jackson, who died in 2009, said the court was innocent in harassing a 13-year-old boy at Neverland Ranch in 2005.

Jackson is furious that the media have decided to believe two liars without proof, and have preferred their testimony to the testimony of hundreds of families and friends from all over the world who have spent time with Michael. Many of them have experienced his legendary kindness and generosity.

"We can not just leave this public lynx," the family said in a statement.

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