The man did not want to pay for his luggage: a genius trick

Ryanair has introduced new restrictions on hand luggage. Passengers decided to trick the new rules in a great style!

Tridstiatnik Lee Cimino, who comes from the English town of Leek, disagrees with the new charges the airline has introduced for luggage. He therefore decided, on his trip to Belfast he packs his coat! Yes, the only old, bulky coat was able to preserve everything Lee needed. A lingerie, a shirt, a toothbrush and other toiletries came in.

"It was an ordinary coat, whose pockets we held tight to keep the shorts and the shirt, was big enough to carry everything I needed." Lee said that through airport controls passed easily. All he had to do was remove his coat and put it on the waist to pass through the scanner. He added that he was all right while he expected he would be more nervous.

He says he did not break the rules because he had all the stuff in his clothes. Your trick is reportedly ready to repeat again to avoid the latest charges. It is only a question of whether he can do it because he has publicly presented his know-how. Facebook has hacked photos and videos from the event.

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