These are the first titanium discs made in a 3D printer. Unique design as evidence

HRE 3D +

Someone has not learned to control a paper printer in the office and someone can print titanium discs.

You will not stop progress, sometimes he does not even notice it. At least such an impression is made by technology of this type. In the future, the number of automotive components that will be printed in the printer will increase, we understand that. However, it will be possible to do it from any material, for example from a super strong titanium, that may not be the case. The discs you see in the pictures are proof.

These are the discs made by HRE in cooperation with GE additives. They are called HRE3D + and have been printed in a total of five separate units subsequently linked to a carbon ceramic hoop with titanium joints.

The great advantage of titanium printing is material saving. Compared to aluminum discs where up to 80% of the aluminum block material is recyclable, in the case of printed discs, waste is only 5%.

Moreover, titanium is stronger than aluminum, which opens doors to unidentified areas. It is not subject to rust and does not have to be machined, which is why its nature can be distinguished.

What do you say about the design of these disks? Would you put them on your machine? Or are they better just as a demonstration of options?

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