This would not survive sex fans in town! Mr. Božský was supposed to die in a trio – From the screen and behind it – Cocktail

21.11.2018 00:00

Chris Noth and Sarah Jessica Parker

Chris Noth and Sarah Jessica Parker at Sex in the City.


What death did the writers prepare for the actors Chris noth (64) in the third sequel of Sex in the City?

For the Lord of God, played by Chris Noth (64), screenwriters prepared
unpleasant surprise – a heart attack in the shower. It had to happen in the third
a movie that is never likely to ever come out.

As James Andrew Miller told his "Origins" page,
it was precisely such a fate that was prepared in the opening scene by Lord Božský
creators in the third part of Sex in the City. Journalists got into their hands
prepared scenario of the third sequel. It would not be so unrealistic,
because of the love of the main actor Sarah Jessica
Parker has overcome heart surgery in the movie.

How a widow, however, fans of the famous series journalist and writer
Carrie Bradshaw will not see. According to People magazine, this plot should also be
in the beginning of the third film one of the reasons for the offer of the new film
Samantha, Kim Cattrall, said "no". "As he said
a source from the environs of actress Kim Cattrall, the screenplay did not offer Samanta much
space, "People magazine writes.

Since Mr. Divine had died at the beginning of the film, it would have been three
about the widow of Carrie, and showing her attempt to cope with the death of the beloved
man. The relationship of four would come to the fore

As further informs on his site James Andrew Miller, the screenplay is to
Chris Noth did not even get it. Moreover, the actor was not particularly happy
nor with two feature films Sex in the City – with the famous humor
the HBO series did not say much in common.

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