Triad has silver from the ADCE Awards, the main prize was given to sneakers as a ticket to the public transport marketing

The Slovak advertising agency Triad Advertising won silver at the Art Directors Club of Europe Awards (ADCE). The jury took the 1989 live show for the O2 client, which also scored for EuroEffie.

Triad has also been awarded with the Day of Forgotten Liberty campaign, which he prepared for O2 Slovakia to celebrate the Velvet Revolution last year.

With the campaign, the agency also scored the Euro Effie at the prestigious Eurovision Awards in October. She has recently won a silver medal from another European competition honoring the most creative marketing achievements.

From the Slovak Agency, ADCE has still been promoted by Effectivity Powered by Publicis, which has three shortlist lists for its Ekotopfilm campaign.

The Grand Prix Prize from ADCE took sneakers as a public transport ticket valid for one year. The idea was also appreciated by experienced marketers. The campaign for the Berlin-based transport company in cooperation with the Adidas brand was prepared by Jung von Matt / AG. It was an untraditional concept that the public responded to immediately.

Sales of Adidas sneakers started in January. Together 500 pairs were sold, sold in two stone shops within three hours.

The product price was also tempting. While paying for some special sneakers 180 euros, a regular year-round subscription to urban transport would cost them at least 728 euros.

Prices were discussed by the agencies during the 27th annual gala dinner on Saturday 10 December in Barcelona. The best campaigns were celebrated within the framework of the European Creativity Week.

In addition to the main prize, the jury awarded 23 gold and 42 silver awards from a total of 123 entries. Adidas sneakers have also won one gold in the Graphic Design category.

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