Updated: Examiner Yanukah and Stefanov will go to jail, court confirmed their guilt in the case notice board

  • updated on November 15, 15:28

BRATISLAVA, Nov 15 (WebNoviny.sk) – The Supreme Court of the Slovak Republic, today in a case known as a notice board, confirmed the blame for the construction and regional developer Marian Janušek and Igora Štefanová.

Yanukovych should be sentenced to 11 years, which is a year less than he had been appointed by the Specialized Criminal Court and Štefanov for nine years. At the same time, both received a financial penalty of € 30,000 and a ban on five years in public office. The court's decision is final.

He described the affair as a puppet theater

According to the Court of Appeal, Yanukovych and Štefanov are guilty of having created conditions for pre-selected tenderers in public service contracts and preventing the participation of other contestants.

"Public contracts were just fake," the chairman of the Senate stated that he described the whole thing as a puppet theater.

Although the cause is a media known as a notice board, the announcement of a service contract with a total value of over three billion crowns (more than 97 million euros) was not even on the bulletin board. The winning consortium, according to the chairman of the Senate, Jiří Klimt, was formed only a few months before the contracts and he never participated in any other.

They caused large scale damage

The defendants, acting in favor of this consortium, acted contrary to the rules of public procurement and the state, causing damage to a large extent. Yanuks and Stefanov, in particular, according to the verdict, committed public procurement and public auctions, and Yanukovych, who was at the time a minister, also misused the authority of a public official.

At the same time, the Supreme Court upheld the verdict that the Special Court of Criminal Tribunal in October 2017 spoke over former construction department officials Tomáš Labaj and Radoslav Behul. Zdenka K. was also liberated at the time. The Supreme Court, however, returned the case to STS because he did not sufficiently deal with the evidence.

The Prosecutor's Office in this case has sued five persons, including two former ministers of construction and regional development, for the Slovak National Party Marian Janušek and Igora Štefanová in connection with public procurement procedures.

Advertising services tendency

Other defendants were Radoslav Behul, Tomas Labaj and Zdenka K. The specialized criminal court in October 2017 recognized two guilty exministratives, the remaining trio liberated. Yanuk was initially sued for breach of his obligations to manage foreign property, but the court eventually dismissed it.

The case was in 2007. The Ministry of Construction and Regional Development then published a tender notice for advertising services worth 3.6 billion crowns at that time in a limited way. Only one consortium sent the offer, which subsequently won.

Two ministers behind the SNS stood the chair gradually, first Janus and later Stefan and replacing him. Tenders later abolished, but the consortium allegedly managed to earn more than three million euros.

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