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Matus Vallo.

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The 41-year-old Matus Vallo, who supported 36.54 percent of voters, became the mayor of the capital of Bratislava. He stood for Team Vallo, with the support of Progressive Slovakia and Civic Democracy. Here's an overview of his program's theses.


In the field of transport, it is important to reduce the number of cars
arriving in the city by staging parking camps on the outskirts of the city and
a single parking policy favoring residents. superior
an alternative to driving by car should be better MHD, safer
cycling and more comfortable walking of pedestrians.

Better MHD wants to ensure Vallo by cross-junction, bus
stripes, more frequent intervals, and new express lines
residents will get from one part of the city to another with a lower number
penetrations and at the tip faster than the car. The city should finish
the tram line in Petržalka, modernizing the existing tracks,
extend the tram line in Dúbravka and Ružinov and introduce it
tram via Niva to Podunajská Biskupice.

Relations with developers

Matúš Vallo wants to reverse the unequal relationship of developers in the field of construction
and the city. It should change and charge the binding process
city ​​views on development projects to make it clear and transparent
rules and did not create room for corruption and mistrust. Vallo is planning
to set up the "Office of the Ombudsman for Building Activities". to the people
professional ranking in cases when they feel a negative influence
building activities in their area. "We need to establish an Ombudsman for
this area, where people will be able to ask about their surroundings, what is there
a plan or eventually inform what is happening around them and whether it is
in accordance with the land-use plan. Such an office would be part of it
of a larger unit – the Bratislava Metropolitan Institute, the City Hall
contributory organizations, "Vallo said in a pre-election interview

The Metropolitan Institute of Bratislava (MIB) will be an urban organization and
at the same time workplace in the field of urbanism, architecture, development, creation and
city ​​administration. An intensive preparation of a new one should also begin
zoning plan and zoning plans of the zones, but according to Valla,
six to eight years.

Thousands of new benches

In the social field, the new Mayor wants to improve both quality and availability
nursing services for the elderly. "Currently, according to forecasts and
Recommendations need more than 5,000 care places, but realistic
they have something over 1000, "Vallo said.

There would be 1,000 new benches in the city. It is also significant
will increase the number of available rental flats.

In the field of environment, Matus Vallo plans to set up or
enforce 10,000 trees and shrubs and create three new city alleyways. wants to
improve the waste collection and sorting system, especially plastics. With the aim
to improve and improve the care and cleanliness of the city
Mayor plans to set up a city-wide joint stock company
can also access the city areas. The main subject of its activities will be
road cleaning, cutting of green greenery, maintenance of park green and
tree cuttings, waste management (biowaste composting, etc.), and also
winter service on managed roads and areas.

night mayor

Finally, Vallo suggests several new developments in the area of ​​city management:
"As the mayor I will be in constant contact with the Bratislava and minimal
once in a month I will be in a mobile office open for
the public, always in another neighborhood, "Vallo said.

Management functions, including management of urban companies, should occupy
professionals who pass through a transparent selection procedure. In the first
the anti-corruption audit will begin.

The novelty should be the informal position of the night mayor,
responsible for taking care of the city at night. between his
competences will include taking measures to prevent conflicts,
eliminating noise and canceling nightly rest. The Vall program is also
states: "We will conduct an audit of the advertising space that is a significant part of it
located on the property of the city and terminating their lease agreements. "

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