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While Kate was saving yesterday, Meghan flashed today in a brand new outfit for 5,000

At the advanced stage of pregnancy, Meghan was all bright.

The best-known sister-in-law will probably be compared forever, even though the two have apparently good relationships with each other. It's certainly how different they are. And over the last two days, they all showed it again.

Source: Reuters

friendly Kate

While Kate is more humorous to people, Meghan is pompous, and their taste and wardrobe are all the same. As we were able to see Kate on a visit to Scotland, which she and William visited when she opened a new Dundee museum, she did not hesitate to pull the 6-year-old model from Alexander McQueen.

Source: Reuters

the pompous Meghan

On the other hand, Meghan, who visited the National Museum in London this weekend, has pulled out a new model from Brandon Maxwell, for which, as we all see, it has been around 5,000 euros.

Only dress cost about 2 thousand euros and a jacket to them 2300 euros.

Source: Reuters

Not in vain, Meghan came out in the ladder as the dearest duchess at all. Fashion experts have recently reckoned spending money from the royal families in Britain, Denmark, Sweden, Spain and Norway on clothing for 2018.

Most of the surprise was the wife of Prince Harry – Meghan. It has passed over 450,000 euros, and it has not been included in the wedding dress or her own pieces she brought out of the house. Compared to other royal family members, this is a multiple of a higher amount.

How many women are passing by the kingdom? The most expensive is clear!

Despite everything, she was beautiful!

However, it must be acknowledged that although Meghan should be unpretentious, the peach set has enjoyed her today, and she can gracefully go through her own visits without her husband Harry by the side, see how she was in the photogallery:


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