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Another supporter listened: I didn't complain to Neymar, but he broke my lip

A loud spectator from the final match of the French Cup between Rennes and Paris by Saint-Germain, who reportedly complained about several Parisian footballers walking on the stadium staircase, then played PSG Neymar Jr. in the French media. story story. He claims he was not insulting to Parisian footballers, and that after "meeting" with him, blood flowed from his nose.

Alves and Neymar (right) rejoiced too quickly and Rennes introduced a remarkable turn in the final of the French Cup for the final victory after making the toughest punishment.PHOTO: AP

There is currently no known football fan in France Edouard, famous for stade de France, where he was hit by Paris Saint-Germain and Brazilian national team after a match at the end of the match Neymar Jr.


A South American responded to tweets from a 28-year-old who struggled with some PSG stars after a surprising defeat against Rennes. Judging by the recordings, it's an Italian linker Marco VerrattiHe said it was "racist", his fiance and the goalkeeper of the French champions Gianluigi BuffonWell, that's it "pajac". Neymar was to be blamed "can't play football".

"I am surprised"
"I didn't complain (Neymar, Op. A.) I told the footballers that they were playing crazy, Verratti, Buffon, not just him. I told the whole team," said Edouard, who says he is a Nantes fan, for whom he is also a member of a selected Slovenian language Rene Krhin.

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"I'm surprised. Members of the PSG Security Service came to me and told me they would save everything. I had a broken lip and nose bleeding," he said.Edouard says Neymar "answered" him face to face. According to recent information from France, the French football association could suspend three or a maximum of eight matches as a result of events from the capital.

Tuchel: You just can't do that
"I don't like it. You can't do it, you just can't," PSG coach was clear at the Monday press conference Thomas Tuchel. According to his public appearance, many media, like Neymar, publicly engaged in some younger mothers, wrote that the Parisian dressing room (not for the first time in recent years) was again completely separate.

"After the defeat, it is not easy to go down the stairs. It was very difficult for me, it was hard for everyone, but we have to accept it. If we lose, we must show respect. You cannot join the viewer," he added. Tuchel added.


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