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Apple is realizing that iPhone is too expensive, Samsung seems to plan to upgrade with Galaxy S10 – Techno Star

Matjaž Ropret

January 31, 2019 at 11:06

Apple's early warning investors expect lower incomes from the originally announced, it was already an indirect confirmation that iNaprav prices outside the United States slid slightly out of reins. The release of quarterly results has yielded many confirmations. The fact that (or is already) the company will lower prices in some markets.

Apple's final quarterly fiscal year was $ 84 billion in revenue, almost equivalent to this interim forecast. They are still excellent revenue, but in recent years they are used to Cupertino and Wall Street. The average selling price of the main product – iPhona – is likely to decrease. At least 15 percent reduces revenue from this product and confirms that the best-selling XR model is followed by XS Max and XS. Apple is no longer giving details of the sale of phones and has therefore released other interesting points. Among other things, there are 900 million active iPhones worldwide. This base is what essentially directs and keeps Apple's mint of money, because most of these people do not even think about switching to the Android phone. Only this time, many of them (so far) have not decided to buy a new one, either because they either do not see a big profit or are too expensive.

Slightly exaggerated prices before the call for investors in an interview with the Reuters press agency was recognized by Apple's Tim Cook director:

If you look at foreign currencies, and especially those markets where the economy stopped last year, there are definitely higher prices. That is why we have reassessed the macroeconomic situation in these markets and decided to return to a similar proportion to the prices we had a year ago and therefore we are trying to promote sales in these areas.

Then, during the conversation, Steve Milunovic, analyst at Wolfe Research Securities, was asked: "Have you overestimated the prices of new products?"

Cook responded, "It's not in the US, but the exchange rates have hit us elsewhere, so in January we began to cut prices outside of the United States to neutralize the impact of monetary conditions on our losses.

Learn more about where to edit prices and how much they do not pay in Apple. In Slovenia still more or less all over the old, except for older models that were always customary. Apple has certainly had enough space at its edge for high prices, which would increase sales and thus neutralize lower profits on every single phone. For XR, I've already said that in my class I'm heading for a "real" prize, and I'm persuading many who are now postponing it (Cook acknowledged it).

I am not convinced that the same price effect has already been achieved by Samsung, which is also expected to be with the Galaxy S9 (and probably Notes9). At least, according to recent information, the Galaxy S10 should begin at 800 euros if the Galaxy S10E is somewhat shortened, the Galaxy S10 + with 1 TB memory is to be sold in Slovenia at 1649 euros. S10E is the sales name for Lite, in the middle it will be the "classic" S10, which will be sold at a price of around 900 euros and above it and with an optional photoelectric lens on each side equipped with S10 + for the basic version (128 GB).

For the Galaxy S10 we know that the screen will have a little more than S9 or S8. Instead of a notch, Samsung decided to make a hole on the screen. S10E (Lite) and S10 will have one double S10 + thanks to two camera lenses. Now the larger model will have a triple camera and the smaller two will be doubled. Samsung has developed its "night mode" and also talks about the return of wireless charging that we first found on the Huawei Mate 20 Pro and on-screen fingerprint reader (except the "light" model). At least this year, the Korean phalanx will retain the headphone output and the memory card slot.

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