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Attorney Fire, who recognized the bribe: The system forced him to do so

Today's District Court in Ljubljana has been sued for alleged bribery on allegedly bribery at Queen Queen Ljubljana. Iztok Požarju, who accepted that he would pay 20,000 euros for faster cooperation of the partner, the court sentenced him to a suspended sentence of imprisonment at two years of age for a trial period of five years.

Fire at the preliminary session recognized that he was the first accused and former employee of the University Clinical Center (UKC) Uroš Smiljić has paid 20,000 euros for his seriously ill partner to secure a faster operation and treat cancer with a doctor Erik Brecelj. In his defense today Potar said he would do the same today.

Fireman's lawyer The Messesnel bull proposed to the court to dismiss the penalty provided in the Penal Code in special cases. According to her, the worst punishment – the beloved death – has already been pronounced. "The big difference is whether someone is bribing him to make a material gain or save his life." she emphasized and finally repeatedly emphasized that it was love, not her own interest. At the same time, it was critical for a long-term waiting period in the healthcare sector to be critical: "The system forced him to do it, but now he wants to punish the same system."

Prosecutor Bojana Podgorelec, who proposed ten months' imprisonment to serve her socially useful work and fines, concludes in the closing arguments that Pozara's recognition contributed to clarifying the circumstances, but that was not the only crime report, because at the same time Dr. Brecelj also added the same thing. According to her assessment, it should not be overlooked that Pozar has decided to file a complaint for three years and seven months after the crime has been committed. The attorney replied that Pozar wanted to undermine the difficult period, but when Brecelj's wife judged him in another court, "memories came to their plan."

Judge Nina Drozg Draganic explained in the grounds of the judgment that in determining the maximum probable penalty and probation period the fire which had to pay the costs of the trial was finally convicted. The crime he committed is really corrupted, but according to the judge, it should be taken into account that it was not for his own interest, but it was done to save lives. As a great attenuating circumstance in determining the punishment, he took note of his guilt.

"The judge must never lead his heart, it must be life and man, but he is bound by the law that he must judge." This allows him to be impartial regardless of the situation. the judge added.

The prosecution will appeal as well as the defense

The prosecution will most likely refer to the verdict. According to Podgorelc's statement to the media, the court gave a different meaning to a criminal offense, even though it stated the same circumstances as the prosecution in the grounds of the judgment.

The complaint has already been notified by the defense. As Mesesnel stated in her statement to the media, she does not understand why the prosecutor is so persecuting the crown witness and the person who has completed the process. She also estimated that forgiveness would be achieved if the fire had not been condemned in the past. "This would give a real epilogue if Mr. Smiljić completed the threats he did to those he said his trousers could shake" said the attorney.

In the case of alleged bribery for missing the queue, the prosecution lists a number of cases where Smiljić should have requested and accepted bribes from different people in exchange for their quicker examinations, interventions or treatment of specific doctors. Bribes should be in both cash and material goods, from chickens and eggs to the kitchen cabinet. However, Smiljić did not accept a preliminary blame and denied that he would receive EUR 20,000 or other donations.

The doctor should also blame Rado Janša in Tomaž Malovrhwho are suspected of receiving donations without permission. Early calls were announced on February 19.

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